Affiliate Disclosure

The main objective of is to be a reliable resource with recommendations for finding the best coffee and coffee machines. This is a place where I share my experience obtained during the coffee tasting. Also, I systematically conduct surveys with coffee experts and connoisseurs who share their valuable experiences.

My Goal: Choose and share reliable information on the best coffee products for you.


Each product, represented on the website, can be purchased via a link that leads to the official manufacturer website. These are affiliate links. In this way, customers will know that the product chosen is on sale with our partner. After the purchase, the blog will get a commission. If the product is not what you expected – you can return it, and, in this case, the gets nothing. That’s why I’m interested in that you get a recommendation only for those products that meet your expectations.

Important: the price and other qualities of the product do not depend on whether you clicked the affiliate link or nonprofit link.

The affiliate program is a great way to motivate yourself to work better and constantly develop your website.

Types of Affiliate Programs at uses the main type of affiliate program, Amazon affiliate links. is a member of the Amazon Services LLC affiliate program, an advertising program designed to make money by connecting to and other affiliate sites.

How does it work?

Let’s say you have a small coffee shop. To increase the number of visitors, you have asked your friends to invite their friends. Your friends helped you, and you promised to provide a certain percentage from each successful order, placed by their invited friends. But then there are also other customers who visit the site and, in this case, things may get messy.

To make things clear, you print business cards with unique numbers. Thus, John has cards with one number, and Jane has cards with another. A client shows you a business card with a certain number, and you can understand which of his/her friends invited the client and who will get the income.

In other words, partner links are a system where “friends” are websites, and their “business cards” are links with a special identifier.

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