Best Cappuccino Makers


As is the case with most modern household and kitchen appliances, choosing a new coffee maker can be pretty difficult in the face of such mass-market abundance.

There are so many affordable multi-purpose coffee makers to choose from that it becomes even harder to pick a speciality beverage machine with a reliable reputation.

The general rule of thumb for this is: if you can afford it, follow the big brand. Quite often, though not always, the reasons behind a big brand’s popularity are very much justified.

This is the case with such pricy household names as De’Longhi, Keurig, Saeco, KRUPS, and more affordable US-based brands like Hamilton or Mr. Coffee.

Most leading names in the industry offer the whole series of espresso and cappuccino makers, so there is no shortage of choice. The trick is in finding the one cappuccino maker perfect for your kitchen.

List of Top Cappuccino Makers

PhotoProductCapacityFrother typeDetails
DeLonghi EC155De’Longhi EC15535 ozManualView on Amazon
Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000-RBMr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000-RB54 ozAutomaticView on Amazon
Sowtech CM6811Sowtech CM68118 ozManualView on Amazon
K-Café® Single-Serve-Coffee-Latte-Cappuccino-MakerKeurig K-Café® Single Serve Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker60 ozSemi-automaticView on Amazon
Aicook CM6816Aicook CM68168 ozManualView on Amazon
Hamilton-Beach 40715Hamilton Beach 4071540 ozManualView on Amazon
DeLonghi ECAM23260SBDe’Longhi ECAM23260SB60 ozAutomaticView on Amazon
Calphalon BVCLECMP1Calphalon BVCLECMP167 ozManualView on Amazon
KRUPS XP3208KRUPS XP320850 ozManualView on Amazon
Capresso Steam PRO-304.01Capresso Steam PRO 304.018 ozManualView on Amazon

How to Choose a Good Cappuccino Maker?

The first natural step is to outline your budget and choose from the options available in your price range. If you can’t afford an appliance from a big brand, don’t be hesitant in going for a lesser-known manufacturer—there is no shame in that.

At the end of the day, if a coffee machine can make a warm cup of creamy cappuccino without a fuss, you can consider yourself a winner. There are a few things to consider before you go all-in on the search, though.

Coffee machine type

Cappuccino makers are almost never meant for cappuccino only since the nature of this drink is essentially just espresso with milk foam. This means that appliances capable of making cappuccino can come from different subcategories capsule coffee makers and espresso machines.

Now, any of these can make cappuccino (provided they have some type of frother), some faster than others and some with more beverage variety on the side. The choice comes down to your personal taste—if you want a mini-coffeeshop in your kitchen, you can go all out with a big Keurig machine or latest De’Longhi. If all you need is a shot of espresso with a bit of foam on top and not much else, any classic espresso maker with a steam wand will do just fine.

Frother type

There are three types of frothers as categorized by their function: manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic.

Manual frothers are usually just swivelling steam wands that need to be operated by hand. Though they require more time and precision, some people prefer frothing milk on their own terms since they can determine the time and intensity of frothing.

Semi-automatic frothers determine the temperature as well as frothing time and power according to the selected program (cappuccino, latte, etc) but don’t pour it inside the already made espresso, so you need to mix the two manually.

Automatic frothers do every stage of frothing without your interference: heating, frothing, measuring, and mixing. This option works best for working people with busy schedules or for office settings.

Review of the Best Cappuccino Makers

De’Longhi EC155

DeLonghi EC155

This compact and powerful De’Longhi EC155 is a prime example of a high-quality residential cappuccino maker capable of producing barista-style coffee with all the intricate manual adjustments seen in coffee shop beverages.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Control type: Rotary
  • Capacity: 35 oz
  • Pump pressure: 15 bar
  • Input power: 1100 watts
  • Dimensions: 12.2” x 19.3” x 15”
  • Item weight: 6.68 pounds


  • Fits most kitchen countertops without taking too much space
  • Manual adjustment of frother strength and coffee portions
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • Preheats for faster brewing 
  • Coffee holder can take pods

Featuring a convenient dual-function filter holder, the EC155 supports both ground coffee and size-compatible coffee pods for even faster coffee making. Not only do coffee pods make cleaning easier, but they also allow you to focus on other tasks while your espresso or cappuccino is brewing.

The cappuccino option is actually made much easier with the addition of the swivel jet frother. What makes it comfortable to use is its compatibility with cups of various sizes, so you can create cappuccino and latte drinks for any volume of drinkware. Moreover, the machine’s advanced cappuccino system also keeps the water temperature at the desired level to make sure you can brew a cup whenever you want.

Though the frother requires manual operation, it actually allows you more control over the intensity of the steam since the dial (located on the top of the unit) allows for an incredibly precise intensity adjustment.

Apart from the cappuccino, the EC155 can brew single espresso, double espresso, and latte. By using small cups you can also get your fill at the same time with the double-nozzle feature, thus saving even more time in the morning. Maximum cup height that this machine takes is 66 centimetres or approximately 26 inches.

Another time-saving attribute of this machine is its self-priming feature that prepares the heating element ahead of brewing, allowing you to get instant coffee regardless of the strength of the brew.

This is a relatively spacious model, housing a 35-ounce water reservoir located at the back of the machine. The opaque tank is removable, and the front panel provides a handy indicator light for alerting you of low water levels. Overall, this model is easy to take apart and clean—water tank and drip tray can be removed and hand washed—and the coffee holder comes with a number of filter sizes for more diverse serving.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000-RB

Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000-RB


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Control type: Push-button
  • Capacity: 54 oz
  • Pump pressure: 15 bar
  • Input power: 1040 watts
  • Dimensions: 11.22” x 8.86” x 12.6”
  • Item weight: 10.37 pounds


  • Programmable frother creates barista-style creamy drinks
  • Large water tank and removable milk reservoir
  • Includes a cleaning program
  • Fast brew size and type selection
  • Adjustable cup platform

With its fast automatic delivery of frothed beverages and attractive pricing, Café Barista by Mr. Coffee makes for a perfect introductory cappuccino maker for coffee novices or those coffee drinkers who can’t spare a lot of time on brewing in the mornings.

One of the easiest residential cappuccino makers to operate, the Café Barista makes the selection of the beverages and its preparation extremely quick and effortless on the user’s part.

The 3 main coffee options—espresso, cappuccino, and latte—can be selected on the front-facing control panel with one simple touch. Each LED push-button comes with corresponding light indicators and auxiliary functions. 

Moreover, the machine lets you choose beverage sizes such as single or double espresso shots, small or large cappuccino, short or tall latte—all with the same selection buttons.

Perhaps this machine’s standout feature—the automatic frother—is also easily engaged with one simple touch of the cappuccino or latte buttons on the control panel. The frother prepares milk automatically for the respective beverage option, all you need to do is fill the milk tank and press the button. Though there is an adjustment knob available for a more precise frothing.

Equipped with a 15-bar pump, fast heating element, and 54-ounce water reservoir, the Café Barista ensures fast delivery of rich and flavourful coffee with well-preserved original aroma and balanced texture, especially with the layered latte brews.

The coffee filter comes with single and double shot options and can be securely locked in place for the brewing. Both water and milk tanks can be removed for easy refill and cleaning, though handwashing is the recommended method.

Other useful features include the removable drip tray for collecting escaped liquids and adjustable cup platform to accommodate cups of various volumes.

In addition to filters, the machine’s kit includes a recipe book and measuring scoop with a tamper to make measuring grounds more accurate as well as effectively tamper them before brewing. 

Sowtech CM6811

Sowtech CM6811

Thanks to its lightweight construction and portable dimensions, the Sowtech CM6811 makes for a great space-saving option, especially for small home kitchens, apartments, office rec rooms, RVs and other travel locations.


  • Material: Stainless steel + Plastic + Glass
  • Control type: Rotary
  • Capacity: 4 cups / 8 oz
  • Pump pressure: 3.5 bar
  • Input power: 800 watts
  • Dimensions: 10.63” x 7.68” x 13.78”
  • Item weight: 4.99 pounds


  • Space-efficient and easy to set up
  • Fast single-knob operation
  • Four-cup water reservoir
  • Washable and removable parts
  • Includes measuring carafe for water and coffee

This wonderfully compact and affordable cappuccino maker gives plenty of power for a brewer of its size, delivering well-brewed espresso via stainless steel funnel while at the same time allowing you to control the frothing process with the removable frothing nozzle.

Powered by a 3.5-bar pressure pump, the machine is able to produce strong and flavourful coffee, dispensing it directly into the glass carafe or your own cup. This model can generate 80°C/176°F of heat for the brewing and ensures there is minimal temperature loss.

Containing 8 oz (or four 2-oz cups), the carafe is heat-proof and offers measurement lines to monitor the brew amount. The container can also be used to froth milk and add water to the machine since it corresponds to the water reservoir in volume. 

All ground coffee goes inside the detachable filter that is then placed inside the funnel and attached to the machine. To start and control the brewing process, you will only need to turn the knob located on the right side of the machine. 

The control dial has four positions: making coffee, making milk foam, pausing the process, and ending the process. Additionally, the side indicator light shows when the machine is activated, and the front indicator shows whether the funnel is locked or not.

The cup platform includes a removable drip tray designed to collect liquid so that your counter doesn’t become a mess of coffee or milk puddles. Together with the machine and its parts, the package includes a measuring spoon with a temper and a user manual.

Keurig K-Café® Single Serve Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker

K-Café® Single-Serve-Coffee-Latte-Cappuccino-Maker

Known for its premium-quality single serve machines, Keurig is a leader among residential coffee makers with fully automatic pod-based brewing systems, the K-Cafe being one of the more versatile and user-friendly models.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Control type: Push-button
  • Capacity: 60 oz
  • Brew sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12 oz
  • Dimensions: 12.5” x 15.3” x 11.7”
  • Item weight: 13.47 pounds


  • Fully automatic brewer and frother
  • Removable and easily cleanable water tank and frother
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Runs on K-Cup pods and universal filters with ground coffee
  • Includes strong brew and cold beverage options

Keurig K-Cafe is one of the select few capsule-based coffee makers that offer a fully automated frothing option for making cappuccino and latte beverages on the spot. 

As a single serve model, the K-Cafe dispenses coffee in pre-programmed portions, specifically in 6, 8, 10, 12-ounce cup sizes. The machine also lets you make 2-ounce coffee shots for creamy drinks that need less actual coffee and more space for frothed milk.

Thanks to its automated and fully integrated frother, the K-Cafe is able to prepare the required amount of milk for the beverage of your choosing. Inside the dishwasher safe frothing container, there are measuring lines that indicate the required amounts of milk for each drink so the final result is well-balanced in coffee and froth content.

As for the drink selection, the K-Cafe is particularly diverse: on top of regular coffee, cappuccino, and latte, the machine is also capable of automatically brewing cold versions of the same drinks as well as providing you with a strong brew option that increases the boldness of each beverage.

Moreover, when you make hot or iced versions of plain or creamy coffee, all steps are automatic and only require a simple push of a button. The push-button control panel is located on the top lid that safely covers the pod container, while the frother controls can be found on the front panel under the frothing section.

On top of it all, this machine is extremely easy to clean, refill, and monitor. The cup platform and conveniently located nozzle accommodate large drinkware as tall as 7.2 inches, and the energy-saving program powers off the unit after 2 hours of inactivity.

Aicook CM6816

Aicook CM6816

Another compact steam espresso machine on the list, the Aicook CM6816 is a steady and reliable provider of quality-brewed pre-ground coffee in its most popular forms, including creamy drinks like cappuccino.


  • Material: Stainless steel + Plastic
  • Control type: Rotary
  • Capacity: 4 cups / 8 oz
  • Pump pressure: 3.5 bar
  • Input power: 800 watts
  • Dimensions: 13.1″ x 7.7″ x 10″
  • Item weight: 3.8 pounds


  • Separate glass pot with measurement lines
  • Removable drip tray for collecting droplets
  • Simple one-knob control
  • Reliable pressure performance
  • Manual frothing with cleanable steamer wand

Similar to other models of this class, the CM6816 cappuccino machine includes a steam wand for manual frothing and heating of milk, allowing you to use as much milk as you’d like as well as create froth at your own pace.

The machine uses the traditional brewing system that employs a detachable funnel where the ground coffee is placed for later infusion with hot water coming directly from the 8-ounce tank. The funnel is clipped securely to the machine, preventing it from wobbling under pressure.

Secured with a sealing cap, the boiler ensures that consistent pressure is produced by the unit’s 3.5-bar pump and utilized for brewing at its full potential.

Operation is also extremely easy with this model since it’s dial-only. The single adjustment knob lets you start the brewing or frothing process and effectively pause or end it.

The coffee can be dispensed directly into the glass carafe that comes together with the cappuccino machine. This way you can know for sure how much coffee you are getting and can adjust its strength as well.

Hamilton Beach 40715

Hamilton-Beach 40715

The Hamilton Beach 40715 is a semi-automatic cappuccino machine with steaming and frothing functions, a wide selection of beverages, and dual espresso-making option.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Control type: Push-buttons
  • Capacity: 40 oz
  • Pump pressure: 15 bar
  • Input power: 1050 watts
  • Dimensions: 16.69” x 8.2” x 12.31”
  • Item weight: 9 pounds


  • Coffee pod comes with 2 espresso holders
  • Services 4 standard espresso cups between refills
  • Lockable coffee holder takes pre-measured pods and grounds
  • Cleanable cup stand and cup rest 
  • Suits residential kitchens and some office spaces

Equipped with a 15-bar pressure pump and 4.5-ounce boiler, the Hamilton Beach creates strong and aromatic espresso with ease, supporting coffee pods and pre-ground coffee for a more authentic flavor.

As a semi-automatic model, the machine is able to prepare well-balanced coffee all on its own and even brew 2 espresso cups at the same time thanks to its dual nozzle. The steam wand, however, is completely manual which allows for more user control.

By combining the machine’s automatic and manual features, you can create other beverages such as cappuccino, macchiato, mocha, latte, and americano.

The main tank holds 40 ounces of water, so you can enjoy many cups of coffee before the next refill. Together with several other parts like the drip tray or steam wand cover, the reservoir is removable to encourage a regular (and also much faster) cleanup process.

The operation is also made easier thanks to the receptive control panel with a set of push-buttons and light indicators that also include temperature selection feature and a dial for controlling the intensity of the steam.

De’Longhi ECAM23260SB

DeLonghi ECAM23260SB

The only fully-automatic cappuccino maker on the list, De’Longhi Magnifica S Cappuccino Smart takes care of every single step of coffee brewing and frothing, from the grinding of coffee beans to the preparation and delivery of milk or cream to create a layered drink of your choice.


  • Material: Plastic + Metal
  • Control type: Rotary + Touch-screen
  • Capacity: 60 oz
  • Bean container: 8.8 oz
  • Input power: 1250 watts
  • Dimensions: 9.37” x 16.93” x 13.39”
  • Item weight: 23.5 pounds


  • Fully automated brewing and frothing
  • Removable parts are easy to clean and refill when needed
  • Automatic mixing of espresso and froth
  • Clear display and easy beverage selection
  • Large bean container + burr grinder combo
  • Includes descaling tablets, a water filter, cleaning brush, and coffee scoop

Given that Magnifica is primarily an espresso-making machine, it quite naturally excels at brewing rich and strong espresso, both in single and double portions. By making hot water available on-demand, the machine also lets you make Americano, cocoa, tea, and other hot drinks.

Featuring a state-of-the-art LatteCrema system, the Magnifica expands your options beyond espresso and drip-style coffee to include automatic programs for cappuccino and latte. The machine heats the milk to the precise temp levels required for the selected drink, creating thick foam and adding it to the cup in a way that makes the foam last for as long as you are enjoying the drink.

What is even more impressive about this model is its ability to brew coffee from whole beans with the help of its integrated grinder—a stainless steel burr-style with an 8.8-ounce bean hopper and 13 adjustment settings meant to give you more control over grinding parameters. There is also a bypass container for pre-ground coffee in case you prefer faster brewing.

The brewing process itself is particularly efficient thanks to the inclusion of a dual Thermoblock boiler system capable of heating up in under 60 seconds. The system utilizes two separate boilers in order to service the 60-ounce water tank and the frother independently.

This allows the machine to reach and preserve optimal temperatures in both reservoirs, resulting in more richly-textured beverages. The brewing group and the water tank can be removed for regular cleaning and re-installed with minimal effort.

The controls of this model are not only user-friendly but also very elegant in appearance, adding a modern touch to the machine’s sleek steel-and-black exterior. The front panel includes an LCD screen with LED icons representing each function, responsive soft-touch buttons, and a rotary dial for easier drink selection.

Calphalon BVCLECMP1

Calphalon BVCLECMP1

Another manually-operated espresso machine with a steamer option, the Temp iQ by Calphalon is a more affordable residential option that allows you to make cappuccino and other creamy drinks at home. Though mostly known for quality cookware, Calphalon employs the same approach to kitchen appliances, specifically espresso and cappuccino makers, balancing reliable brewing systems with good pricing.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Control type: Rotary
  • Capacity: 60 oz
  • Pump pressure: 15 bar
  • Input power: 1350 watts
  • Dimensions: 13.9” x 11.6” x 15.3”
  • Item weight: 15.2 pounds


  • 2.2-inch filter holder for coffee grounds
  • Includes a stainless steel milk pitcher
  • Minimalist design and simple controls
  • Cafe-quality espresso brewing
  • Kit also offers a measure+tamper spoon, cup filters, and cleaning pin

With its powerful Italian pump capable of producing 15 bars of pressure and Thermoblock heating system, the Temp iQ executes each step of espresso brewing with utmost precision, from flavourful coffee extraction to careful PID temperature control and direct delivery into the cup.

Though the built-in steam wand requires manual operation, it also gives the user more control over the intensity of steam and the manner of frothing. As such, you can choose your own milk container, decide on the amount of milk or cream, and froth it however you like. 

The access to the 67-ounce (or 2-liter) water tank can be found at the top of the machine covered by a hinged lid that can be easily flipped open and closed, allowing you to use both hands when removing the tank for a refill.

For even more convenience, Calphalon adds a cup warmer inside the drip tray to ensure the coffee cups are kept warm before, during, and after brewing. Even though, for the most part, the machine is manual in operation, it actually provides an auto-shot feature to measure out precise amounts of water for single or double espresso shots.

The interface consists of a dial with all available functional options—one espresso shot, two shots, hot water, and steam. The on/off button is actually a flip-switch, adding more retro charm to the chrome-like shine of the stainless-steel-encased model. 



Though Krups are mostly known mostly for their exceptional capsule machines, the company doesn’t shy away from drip-style espresso and cappuccino makers that showcase high-quality brewing at more affordable rates compared to other leading brands. The Krups XP3208 is a perfect example of the company’s foray into production of manual espresso makers, offering both a powerful brewing system, manual frother wand, and easy navigation.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Control type: Rotary
  • Capacity: 50 oz
  • Pump pressure: 15 bar
  • Input power: 1140 watts
  • Dimensions: 15” x 13.5” x 10”
  • Item weight: 8.53 pounds


  • Lightweight construction and compact design 
  • Single-dial control with simple settings
  • Lockable coffee holder with 2 filters
  • Swivel steam for foaming

The Opio packs a classic brewing combo of the 15-bar pump, aluminium boiler, and drip dispenser, so it is pretty capable of fast pre-heating, balanced temperature maintenance, and rapid coffee extraction. 

The coffee holder comes with two filters designed to infuse one or two cups worth of espresso, so you can shuffle between them depending on how strong you want your brew. The machine’s kit also offers a tamper to even out the texture of the espresso and make sure you add the right amount.

The manual steam wand comes with a protective cover that can be easily cleaned after each use. Though the frothing process doesn’t allow for intensity adjustment, its activation is fairly easy so creating creamy drinks is less messy and cumbersome.

This is also a fairly voluminous cappuccino maker, housing a 50-ounce (or 1.5-litre) water tank which can be removed for refilling and cleaning purposes. Other neat features include a cup warmer located on the on top of the unit and removable drip tray that minimizes the mess in your kitchen.

Capresso Steam PRO 304.01

Capresso Steam PRO-304.01

This small but powerful Capresso Steam PRO is a budget espresso machine with a universal coffee holder dispenser system, strength adjustment, and steam wand designed for cappuccino and latte making.  


  • Material: ABS + stainless steel
  • Control type: Rotary
  • Capacity: 8 oz/4 cups
  • Pump pressure: 3.5 bar
  • Input power: 800 watts
  • Dimensions: 9.75” x 7.5” x 13.25”
  • Item weight: 4.97 pounds


  • Inexpensive and compact
  • Comes with a 4-cup carafe
  • Steam valve ensures the safety and consistent pressure
  • Swivel steam wand

Like other smaller cappuccino makers, the Steam PRO utilizes a 3.5-bar pump with a rapid-functioning boiler to make the brewing and extraction of espresso much faster, taking only about 2 minutes for pre-heating and brewing and about 5 minutes for making frothed drinks.

Together with the manual frother and 4-cup water tank, the Steam PRO is able to provide between 2 large and 4 small cups of espresso or cappuccino before a refill is needed, so virtually no effort is needed on your part with the exception of frothing.

The control knob located on the side of the unit lets you activate the brewing and frothing as well as to end or pause each process. The control knob on the front, however, is added for more flexibility: with this, you can adjust the coffee strength to your taste.


What is the best coffee maker to buy for home use?

Though there are plenty of restaurant-style coffee makers designed specifically for residential use, most casual coffee drinkers will benefit from more compact models with fewer complex parts and pro-features.
Compact coffee makers that are engineered for home use are much quieter and also more convenient to maintain.

One of the more reliable high-capacity residential coffee makers is Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 that, despite its impressive water reservoir and large carafe, takes up as little space as possible and ensures consistent temperature control.

A good mid-tier coffee maker for home use with average brewing frequency is the programmable Ninja CE251 with a 60-ounce capacity and classic glass carafe capable of serving 12 cups of coffee uninterrupted.

Which coffee maker makes the best tasting coffee?

Naming just one good brand wouldn’t make much sense where the taste of coffee is concerned: there are many types of coffee beverages, each with its distinct taste, meaning that every single brewing technique will have its own top-performers amongst coffee machines.
If you mostly drink Americano, then consider purchasing a drip coffee maker or a Keurig capsule machine that runs on pre-packaged coffee pods. 

Almost all manufacturers offer coffee makers with drip-style brewing, but one coffee maker that makes the best-tasting coffee is Bonavita BV1900TS.

Its brewing cycle includes the pre-infusion feature for extracting the best out of your coffee grounds, so the taste of Bonavita-brewed coffee is by far the best among affordable drip coffee makers.

If you prefer cappuccino or latte, then your coffee maker of choice should actually be an espresso machine. The best-tasting espresso is usually produced by the appliances from such manufacturers as Delonghi, Jura and Gaggia.

What is the best coffee maker under $100?

There are four main types of coffee makers as classified by their brewing process. 
Drip coffee machines brew coffee by passing hot water through a filter with coffee grounds, infuse the water with coffee essence, and pour the resulting beverage into the carafe, pot, cup, or another container.

Espresso machines heat water to 90°C (or 194°F) and pass it through the coffee filter containing pre-ground coffee. The key to this type of infusion is to exert steam-generated pressure on the water that flows through the funnel with coffee grounds. An espresso maker’s pump generates between 3.5 and 15 bars, depending on the model. Capsule machines are considered to be a subcategory of espresso machines.

Percolators are essentially kettles (electric or stove-top) with two chambers: the top chamber with the coffee filter and the bottom chamber designed to hold water. This type of coffee is brewed by pushing boiling water through a tube and up into the upper chamber where it is sprayed over coffee grounds. Then the infused water flows back into the bottom chamber and the process is repeated.

Pour-out coffee makers also consist of two chambers, except in pour-out brewers the water doesn’t flow back into the bottom section and instead stays in the top chamber. This way the richly-infused coffee is collected in one place and can be readily poured out into cups.

Many leading brands offer entire ranges of affordable coffee makers under just under $100, with most of them of the drip variety, though there are a number of cheap espresso machines available.

One of the best coffee makers under $100 is the reliable and voluminous Cuisinart PerfectTemp drip coffee maker designed to brew for large groups of people both at home and in the office environment.

A more affordable alternative to Cuisinart would be the dual-action Hamilton Beach FlexBrew that supports both capsules and drip-style brewing.

How long should a coffee maker last?

With proper and careful handling, a coffee maker can last for up to 10 years and even longer with regular maintenance.
Other factors can prolong the life of a coffee maker such as using clean water (as soft as possible) or buying high-quality grounds. It’s important to avoid overloading the coffee machine—the more often it is used at high capacity, the faster it will go out of commission due to mechanical wear.

How often should you replace your coffee maker?

It’s true that the longevity of service of any given coffee maker often depends on its manufacturer, but the actual handling of a coffee machine can significantly influence its life cycle.
With more thorough care, any coffee machine can put in more years of service regardless of its original price category. In order to extend the service life of a coffee maker, it is necessary to follow maintenance tips provided by the manufacturer in the user manual.

This usually involves regular decalcification, cleaning of interior surfaces with pre-packaged tablets or automatic self-cleaning option, improving water filtration (especially in areas with hard water), replacing filters as soon as needed, using roasted coffee beans without additives.

An average household coffee machine is designed to make 10 thousand cups of coffee in its lifetime. So the replacement time depends on the average number of cups made per day, meaning that you can make a rough estimate of your coffee machine’s lifecycle based on your consumption rates.

What is the best small coffee maker?

One of the smallest coffee makers on the market is Keurig K-Mini with one-cup brewing capacity and lighter body that weighs only 2 pounds.
As a rule, drip coffee makers and capsule coffee machines are designed to be smaller than multi-purpose espresso machines with grinders and large frothing units.

What is the healthiest coffee maker?

It is a commonly held view among modern health experts that machine-made coffee is, in general, not very healthy compared to traditional coffee brewers.
But if you can’t really compromise with other types of brewers, then the best way to go about choosing the healthiest coffee maker with automatic brewing functions is to buy appliances with better materials. In short, less plastic—healthier coffee.

So one way of making sure your coffee is healthier is to choose a stainless steel coffee machine that reduces its plastic usage to a minimum (handles, lids, design accents). Other coffee-safe materials include glass and ceramics, the latter one specifically relating to coffee bean grinders.

However, if you can afford more time and energy on brewing healthier coffee, consider using one of the manually-operated brewers. Among the healthiest alternatives to coffee machines are French press and pour-over coffee makers, percolators, and stove-top espresso pots.

What is the best 5 cup coffee maker?

Five-cup coffee makers fall into that comfortable category of mid-sized brewers that are best suited for couples, small families, student dorms, and rec rooms. Traditional 5-cup coffee makers come with carafes that fit inside the body of the appliance.
Among the best 5-cup coffee makers are KRUPS Simply Brew, Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker, Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker, and Bonavita 5-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker.

Are expensive coffee makers worth it?

Expensive coffee machines mainly differ from more affordable ones in design, materials used, operational noise levels, extra features, and brand name recognition.
Higher prices can be justified by various hardware improvements, ease of maintenance, beverage selection, the efficiency of brewing and coffee grinding techniques, lower energy consumption levels and other environmentally-friendly features.

Still, most mid-market coffee makers produce coffee with similar flavor qualities. What actually improves the quality of coffee is the quality of coffee beans (or grounds) and the level of water purification.

So if you use low-grade coffee beans or grounds and skip on water filtration, then even the most expensive coffee machine won’t be able to live up to its expectations.

How do I choose a coffee maker?
There are several key points that should be taken into account when choosing a coffee

  1. Price bracket and how much you are prepared to pay for a new coffee maker.

  2. Appliance size and capacity which should be chosen based on the size of your kitchen and the number of people in your household.

  3. Brewing type: capsule, drip, espresso, etc.

  4. Brewing process and whether the process is manual, semi-automated, or fully-automated.

  5. Beverage selection: regular coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc.

  6. Design and materials.

  7. Specific brand based on personal preference.

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