Best 10 Coffee Shops in Austin


Known for its bustling art scene, Austin proves that it’s more than able to meet the expectations of hundreds of artists and musicians—visiting and local—with its network of coffee bars, roasteries, cafes, and novelty pop-ups.

Austin coffee venues certainly don’t lack variety, specializing in regional-themed menus and unique roasts sourced from coffee farmers worldwide. So if you’re looking for a coffee shop with a little bit more personality and a very distinct Austin flavor, this list might serve you as a helpful starting guide to Austin’s rich coffeehouse scene.

Jo’s Coffee

Having been in this business for over 20 years, Jo’s Coffee has established itself as a coffee staple in downtown Austin, serving light breakfast snacks and nearly every popular espresso drink.

Jo’s shops are incredibly cosy and clean as well as dog-friendly, so you won’t have to turn your pets away and leave them in the street.

All espresso drinks are available with syrup, milk and extra shot add-ons, though the coffee shop offers plenty of non-caf alternatives like lemonade and soda or hot and cold tea beverages with add-ons.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, Jo’s provides a selection of gallon-sized drinks, namely Turbo, Cold Brew, and Belgian Bomber. Apart from oatmeal and yogurt bowls, Jo’s also offers breakfast tacos and a variety of cold sandwiches perfect for a lunch break.

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

With nearly 30 years on the market, Mozart’s Coffee has cultivated a service culture of its own and continues to perfect their baked goods, specialized roasts and whole bean blends, all of which are available for sale in their shop.

Mozart’s both serve in-house and deliver food, coffee beverages, grocery items, and curated specialty boxes with hand-selected desserts, coffee merch, and retail coffee blend packages.

Aside from brewing almost any espresso and filter-coffee drink under the sun, Mozart’s provides a selection of cannoli, empanadas, vegan cakes, brownies and much more. If you plan to have a date night, Wine Club wines are also available for delivery or curb pick-up.


Patika Cafe

2159 South Lamar Blvd

Austin, TX 78704

Patika Luncheonette

100 Congress, Suite 125

Austin, TX 78701

Open daily from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm;

For over a decade now Patika’s team have served espresso and brewed coffee drinks in Patika’s cafe and luncheonette. Patika’s coffee shops in downtown Austin are LGBTQ-friendly as the team makes a point to foster inclusivity and diversity in their spaces. 

Patika cafes offer a wide selection of espresso drinks and chai, hot and iced hot chocolate and tea, steamers and Italian soda, though other soft drinks are also available.

As for the food menu, Patika mainly caters baked goods, making their pastry in-house and serving fresh batches every day, from biscuits and muffins to wonderfully light granola parfait.

And if you want to keep enjoying Patika’s coffee at home, the shops sell freshly-roasted roasted Superthing whole bean coffee beans in sustainable 10-ounce bags, both in-store and online.

Cherrywood Coffeehouse

Anyone who’s looking for a good breakfast or lunch place in downtown Austin might find Cherrywood Coffeehouse more than up to the task with their extensive food menu that features burgers, taco plates, breakfast plates and breakfast tacos all day long, a great selection of seafood dishes, and even more snacks and shareables. 

Cherrywood’s drink menu matches their kitchen selection in the number of choices, offering espresso and brewed coffee beverages in three sizes with syrup extras as well as teas, lemonades, smoothies, and juices. A separate kid’s menu is also available to complete your family lunch.


With four locations all over Austin and several stores in Dallas, Hounsdooth Coffee could be your next favorite city-franchise akin to Merit Coffee and other popular chains. Houndstooth promotes an independent coffee shop atmosphere with its vintage settings and carefully-curated menus. 

All Espresso drinks and teas are available in-house and to-go, though Houndstooth Coffee also serves delicious alcoholic drinks and cocktails. And if you want a quick snack with your drink of choice, there’s also a selection of waffles and classic PB&J sandwiches.


Focusing mainly on coffee and chai beverages, Bennu coffee shops work as a perfect spot to get your regular caffeine intake in the morning or relax after a particularly hard day thanks to the chain’s flexible hours.

Bennu shops offer hot drinks and cold drinks including the Bennu coffee speciality, iced bennu, as well as soft mocha cocktails with whipped cream and other add-ons.

Moreover, Bennu shops serve a great variety of foods, including Mexican breakfasts and lunch/dinner dishes with Italian and Mediterranean flavors. Every store also stocks a selection of pastries, waffles, and other desserts.

Flat Track Coffee

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1619 E Cesar Chavez St

Austin, TX 78702


Open daily from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm;

Located in Eastside, Flat Track Coffee is a rather quaint little venue with express hot drink service that works as a good alternative to Waterford’s Machine Head Coffee. Flat Track specialize in in-house roasters store and offer beans as a one-time purchase and wholesale. 

Their specialty roasts include beans sourced from Colombia, Costa Rica, and Kenya, though more single-origin beans are available with a weekly or monthly subscription.

All in all, Flat Track is an ideal choice for busy and working people who value their time and look for efficient coffee service. The shop’s on-the-go drink options include espresso and drip varieties, Mexican mocha, cold brews, teas and chai.

Trianon Coffee

Apart from the traditional breakfast and lunch area, Trianon Coffee shop provides brightly-lit and accommodating conference spaces capable of serving gourmet coffee drinks and delicious lunches on an individual and professional basis.

The shop offers fresh coffee brews in two to three popular sizes, a variety of espresso drinks, all of which are available with milk substitutes. Other favorites include smoothies, cold and iced teas, juices, apple cider, and many more.

Tacos, bagels, sandwiches with rotating flavors, and fresh baked goods delivered from Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery. For those with a particular penchant for sweet and savory snacks can always try out Trianon’s specialty items like macarons and peanut butter protein bites or gluten-free hummus and quinoa bowls.

Cuvée Coffee

Cuvée Coffee is perhaps one of Auston’s very finest multi-purpose venues, operating as a coffee bar, cold brewery, and roastery all rolled into one.

The cafe’s main beverage menu features espresso drinks and filtered coffee, nitro cold brews, various add-ons and of course a range of non-caf options.

Their food selection is mostly represented by breakfast foods like light tacos and pastries, sandwiches, wraps, and hand-selected cheese plates. And of course, you can always purchase whole coffee beans directly in the store or online and take part in Cuvée’s limited edition roast sales.

Austin Java

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5404 Manchaca Rd

Austin, TX 78745


Open daily from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm;

If you are looking for a versatile coffee shop in Austins’ Manchaca area that isn’t Radio Coffee & Beer, Austin Java is likely to satisfy all your espresso cravings.

Austin Java functions more as a full-dining-experience establishment, though their rich lunch & dinner food menu makes for a perfect match for the shop’s selection of coffees and other drink favorites. 

In addition to espresso-based and drip-coffee staples, Austin Java serves a great many variation and alternatives, from Vietnamese Iced coffee to smoothies and cold brews.

Innumerating the cafe’s food selection will probably take all day due to the sheer diversity and volume of choice, but all you need to know is Austin Java provides Mexican and Mediterranean starters, classic Mexican snacks, full first & second courses, and, of course, breakfasts.

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