Best 10 Coffee Shops in Baltimore


Baltimore coffee lovers have so many good places to choose from because this city takes coffee seriously. You can choose from dozens of roasters and coffee shops in various neighborhoods and city districts.

The variety of places is astonishing but the main question always stays the same: what will you choose? There are others as well, e.g. where is the best coffee? What is the difference between certain blends? Do they make good decaf coffee? What about the best espresso in the city? The following coffee shops were carefully chosen to expand your experience and satisfy the most demanding tastes. 

Each of the following establishments offers a unique atmosphere and vibes that are supposed to appeal to everyone. Thus, if you are a coffee lover, no matter if you live in Baltimore or just passing through, looking for a place to drink good coffee, have no worries – we’ve got your back covered! Here’s a list of the best coffee shops and cafes in Baltimore for you to consider.

Common Ground Cafe & Coffee

Their coffee shop is in Baltimore for over 25 years. And though Covid-19 has made things more complicated recently, Common Ground is still open from 7 to 3 p.m. every day, so you can call them and order something from their Limited Time Menu or visit the shop (in a mask) and choose something delicious for yourself or your loved ones.

Common Ground attracts with its cozy atmosphere and people really like the smell (I believe it’s baked muffins). Everything inside the shop is really clean and precautions are taken. The staff is polite and every visitor is met with a smile (even if it’s hidden under a mask).

Apart from great coffee and bakery, you can also find delicious groceries, sandwiches, smoothies, salads, meats, cheeses, milk, eggs, and even household staples (because you just never know) or you can just ask them what you need and they will get it for you!

Zeke’s Coffee

It all started with Thomas Rhodes, the son of Edwin Rhodes (aka Zeke), who named the company in honor of his father in 2005. Zeke’s Cofee is all about making your life fresher and brighter with their “pure” coffees from the main coffee-growing regions of the world. The company exists to share unique regional coffee flavors with their clients.

Based in Baltimore, it’s a family-owned coffee roaster, which uses fluid bed coffee roasters, invented by Mike Sivetz somewhere in the 70’s, and hot air to retain coffee flavor. Fluid bed coffee roasters roast coffee beans uniformly and faster than regular drum roasters. 

The “family” works really hard to provide high-quality coffee, roasted in small batches to preserve freshness. You can make pre-orders on their official website for pick-ups at farmers’ markets if you’re in Baltimore or shop the cafe.

Choose from Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, Conventional Blends, Decaffeinated Coffee, Espresso Blends, K-Cups, etc. 

You can also choose a specific roast (E.g. Brazil, Italian, Guatemala, French, Mexico, etc.) or subscribe (3/6/9/12 months) to 16 oz of freshly roasted coffee directly to your door every month or on a weekly basis.

You can get a cap, t-shirt, and even a bumper sticker to show your respect if you like Zeke’s Coffee!

Apart from the mentioned cafe address, you can find Zeke’s Coffee at various farmers’ markets throughout Baltimore, namely 32nd Street Farmers Market, Fell’s Point Farmers Market, Anne Arundel County Farmers Market, Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar, and Catonsville Farmers’ Market.

Park Cafe & Coffee Bar

Monday — 7 am to 4 pm
Tuesday / Friday — 7 am to 4 pm
Saturday & Sunday — 8 am to 4 pm


You can find this coffee shop in an old carriage house on the edge of Bolton Hill, Baltimore. The house itself is more than 100 years old, which means discovering its glorious interior and history, as you enjoy delicious coffee, can become an unforgettable experience. Park serves breakfast every day, so you just have to get there before 4 p.m.

This coffee shop offers handcrafted espressos and unique dishes. Skilled baristas, who are ready to serve you at the highest level, are always able to offer you something interesting and yummy.

The main coffee machine in the house is the Mediterranean blue La Marzocco semi-automatic GB5, manufactured in La Torre, Italy. Fresh coffee ingredients and food is only locally sourced, all coffee beans are taken from Ceremony Coffe Roasters, and milk is delivered from Trickling Springs Creamery.

If you want something really special that can not be found anywhere else, you have to visit Park Cafe and feel those vibes. Try their creative shakeratos and fall in love with tea lattes or iced mochas.

They also have custom-made syrups (caramel, honey, honey-thyme citrus, lavender, maple, mint, mocha, vanilla, sugar-free vanilla). As for coffee options, you can choose from Drip Coffee, Red Eye, Pour Over, Mint Mocha, Cortado, Flat White, Iced Cafe Au Lait, various cold espressos, and other famous types of coffee. They also have Rishi organic hot teas, iced teas, smoothies, and home-made lemonades. 

Park Cafe also cooks delicious foods – their famous Park Place Sandwich and cheesy grits with chicken sausages will not leave anyone unsatisfied. There are also other sandwiches, signature dishes, toasts, soups, and salads. I don’t want to spoil much but I just have to mention a few items from their bakery: rosemary apricot shortbread bars, double chocolate brownie cookies, glazed lemon pound cakes, and seasonal strudels. 

Oh yeah, depending on the season, their menu changes, so you just might get something really rare and unique. It’s a great place for photoshoots, film making, community meetings, private parties & events.

Spro Coffee

851 West 36th Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21211


Spro Hampden is a branded coffee house in Baltimore that was opened in 2011 (the company itself was formed in 2006). This is actually one of the first places to offer different coffees from various coffee roasters in Baltimore.

It was Spro that first used unique brew methods (pour-over, Chemex, Aeropress, clever, cold brew drip tower, etc.) to make delicious coffee drinks. The company works very hard every day to produce truly exciting, and “immersive” coffees. They choose the best coffees from various coffee roasters, roast it themselves, and deliver it to you in a hot cup or in a package.

The Spro goal is to explore coffee on a deeper level, discover new brewing methods, and compliment various coffee flavors. They take their job very seriously and always welcome new customers to share their experiences with the world. 

So if you’re in Baltimore, you definitely need to try their delicious coffees in a welcoming and warm atmosphere, created by experienced craftspeople.

Discover their interesting coffee types that include truly unique options, e.g. Special Reserve Coffees in collectible tins, e.g. sweet and floral KNM (Kalasan No Mori A3 – Philippines) with notes of kalamansi (Philippine lime), lemongrass, and caramel coconut cream hints. You can also try their Hinunauan River Washed (Arabica, Philippines) with a juicy finish, smooth and well-balanced Rusty’s Hawaiian Ka’u Hurricane Washed with light tropical notes of guava, papaya, and hints of pineapple.

There are other “old-school” coffees like Heritage Espresso (Uganda and Honduras, Medium Roast) with rich dark chocolate notes, berry and nutty finish; vintage, natural sun-dried Idido Misty Valley (Ethiopia) with smooth fruit notes with lemony citrus structure; etc. 

Apart from coffees, they also sell brewing equipment like Abid Clever Immersion Brewer, Aerobie Aeropress, Baratza Encore Grinder, Bodum Chambord French Press, Bonavita Ceramic Immersion Brewer, Chemex 6, vacuum pots, paper filters, and more. 

Thread Coffee

If you stand in solidarity with women as well as various related social movements around the world, you should visit this place for sure and try their unique Nitro Cold Brew Canned Coffee or AeroPress of the Ethiopia Telamo.

Thread Coffee was established in 2012 when 3 women and passionate coffee lovers get together and set up a company that will brew excellent coffee for people that support social movements.

A lot of coffee lovers and magazines in Baltimore (and in Maryland) call Thread Coffee the best place to drink incredible coffee (e.g. Food and Wine Magazine, Bon Appetit, Sprudge, Daily Coffee News, and Roast Magazine). The company was established by people who virtually grew in coffee shops and was involved in the social justice battles since childhood. So if you support democracy, women’s rights, protect the environment and the culture, this coffee house is definitely a place for you to go and choose your favorite coffee. 

Since Covid-19 affects the coffee industry hugely nowadays, the best thing to do is to order coffee online (by the way, the company is now working on implementing contactless pickup outside their facility at OpenWorks), and you can also find other Thread accessories on the official website.

This can be a Toddy Cold Brew System, 10-Cup Chemex Glass Handle, Thread Coffee T-Shirt, Gift Cards for Thread Coffee Online, Gift Box that includes the T-Shirt + 12oz Coffee (various types), Nitro Cold Brew Cans, and various coffees of different blends and roasts. Thread Home Delivery works every Tuesday and Friday. Select ‘Local Pickup’ at checkout for free delivery in Baltimore City.

One Do Coffee Roasters

913 S Lakewood Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21224


This place is a Canton’s (waterfront neighborhood in Baltimore) favorite coffee shop (that’s what “the neighbors” say).

The most popular coffees at One Do (“coffee bean” in Korean) shop, that’s currently working in a pick-up-only mode, is Colombia Tatama (cherry, milk chocolate, vanilla, grapefruit / creamy juicy finish), El Salvador San Rafael (cocoa, hazelnut & cherry with a well-rounded body / washed, Grade 1), The One Blend (peach, hazelnut, cocoa & spices / blend with El Salvador and Rwanda), Rwanda Muhororo (butterscotch, green apple, honey / washed), and Ethiopia Ardi (red berries, dried fruit & florals / medium acidity). 

This company roasts its coffee in-house, and they also use recyclable paper bags to pack coffee beans. You can try One Do teas, which include Black, Oolong, Green, White, and Herbal options.

$10.00, $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, or $200.00 One Do Gift Cards are also available for purchase if you want to make a present for your loved ones.

New working hours of the shop is Monday-Friday: 7am – 4pm / Saturday-Sunday: 8am – 4pm”

CUPs Coffeehouse

CUPs Coffeehouse is a fairly new establishment that spreads love across Baltimore City. CUPs (Creating Unlimited Possibilities) is all about passion, delicious coffee, high-quality food (mostly wraps), exceptional customer service, and… disconnected youth support.

This is the place where customers really come first and the staff believes that giving back is really worth it. So if you share the same values, or are a disconnected young male/female yourself, that lives in Baltimore, this place should definitely be on your top list – who knows, maybe their coffee and snacks will make you figure out important things and unleash your full potential (or simply become a better human being)! 

CUPs offers Wrap Trays (rolls with veggies, cheese, and ham, which is best with extra horseradish sauce), hand-brewed Filter Coffee, Bistro Lunches (omelet with vegetables), Coffee Milkshakes, Mini-Cheesecake samplers, The Pigtown (greed salad and breakfast wrap, i.e. an omelet wrapped in a roll), Mixed Cookie & Brownie Tray, Seasonal Fruit Salads, Curry Chicken, The Greek Town (turkey with cheese and veggies), Egg Salad, Tuna Salad, and other delicious snacks, e.g burgers, vegetarian wraps, cakes, etc. 

As for coffee, you can surely find all popular types of coffee drinks here + some specials, including Drink of the Month, Chai Latte, Breve, Dirty Chai, and Frozen CUPpuccino options. Apart from coffee, this place also offers several teas, smoothies, and hot chocolate. 

Artifact Coffee


1500 Union Ave,

Baltimore, MD 21211

(410) 235–1881

Open every day: 8 am – 3 pm

Pick-up, delivery, shaded tables

This one’s a very cute place (a former old mill, in fact) in Baltimore that you can go to and recharge yourself. Artifact is a popular coffee shop that serves delicious treats and make great coffee designs + they also have a nice-looking outdoor seating area.

The popularity of this place is based on quick, attentive, and kind personnel, delicious foods, and signature offers. You can order anything from their menu online or get there (in a mask) to pick up your order personally.

They have plenty of coffee drinks and foods, including sandwiches, Biscuits & Gravy (you can also add an extra egg on top of those and some Snake Oil to make the dish even more delicious), Cuban grilled cheeses, sweet potatoes, soups (e.g. Butternut Squash Soup or Cucumber & Tomatillo Gazpacho), all-day breakfasts, salads, English muffins, spiced mochas, Oat Milk Chai, Warm Apple Cider, Latte with CBD (you can actually add a shot of CBD to any drink). 

All in all, Artifact is a great place to come during working days and relax. The coffee shop charms with its unique vintage atmosphere – the brick walls of the building are really looking impressive and there are also beautiful string lights inside.

There’s something about this place that makes you want to come back again, though some dishes are quite pricey but really worth the money. I am sure that for many Baltimore residents, this wonderful place is a fantastic find.

Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company

The Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company is an FDA-registered manufacturing facility, which has been in the tea and coffee business since 1895. This, in turn, shows sufficient experience and a serious attitude of the company.

If you’ve ever been to Baltimore (and even if you haven’t), there’s a good chance you’ve already tasted their coffees or teas, without even knowing. This company runs some of the best coffee shops in the United States. In addition, there are also many gastronomic stores and coffee stores in Europe under its directive. 

If you are not only a coffee lover but a business owner yourself, if your coffee shop needs quality coffee or fragrant and deep-flavored tea, perhaps, you should contact this company. They offer Single Origin Coffees, Blends and Dark Roasts, Swiss Water Process Decaf. Coffees, Flavored Coffees, Dark Roasted Flavored Coffee, Cold Brew Coffees in Filter Bags, Jack Reach Coffee, Holiday Coffees, Seasonal Coffees, Fall Coffees, Unroasted Green Coffee, and more.

When it comes to coffee roasts, Baltimore Coffee and Tea does it with love and passion.  Coffee stores of the company also offer individual coffee bean roasting services, including small batches. For this purpose, the company uses Samiac Roasters that are truly impressive in their performance.

These roasters are known as the best coffee roasters in the world, which can be bought for money. They have gained their popularity due to the hard cast-iron drums, which allow roasting each coffee bean evenly without flipping over. They roast coffee at the optimal temperature, and never water quench to cool down the beans. This approach results in fragrant, delicious, fully-aged coffee, which is then packed and sent to countries around the world.

Baltimore Coffee and Tea stores are located in Annapolis, Maryland; Frederick, Maryland; Hanover, Md.; Odenton, Maryland; Timonium, Maryland Store & Roasting Plant. In addition, on the official website, you can also download their Food & Drink Menu and Catering Menu.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Herbert B. Hyman, a passionate fan of coffee and tea, established The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in 1963 and became a father of gourmet coffee in California. He was truly dedicated to discovering new coffee flavors and sharing the best coffees with the world. Today, the company has grown into a big, private, family-owned Coffee & Tea business.

The Bean, as it’s known in Baltimore City, has become a good example of a successful coffee and tea company in the city. They offer the finest unique full-leaf teas and premium coffees with 20+ coffee and tea options. This is the company that does its best to build reliable relationships with the finest growers and coffee/tea suppliers and estates to make sure they really have the best harvests. 

The Bean coffee is packed in small batches to preserve exceptional freshness in a manual European roast style. They also use advanced equipment for shipment and daily delivery to their stores. This business is run by passionate and experienced coffee and tea enthusiasts that know everything about their job, including serving their clients and making unforgettable coffees and teas.

You should definitely visit their place and witness their professionalism and commitment to high quality in everything, whether it’s beverages, food, customer service, or community service.

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