Best 10 Coffee Shops in Chicago


Chicago is a city that leaves no one indifferent. Whether you’re a fan of modern high-tech architecture or you prefer the classics – this city will conquer you! It welcomes all its guests with its famous skyscrapers, museums, parks, numerous coffee shops, and snack bars, with unique and delicious offers that will charm the most demanding gourmets.

For those of you who wonder where to find a good cup of rich-flavored coffee and a delicious, filling snack in Chicago, check the list of recommended places below. 

Metropolis Coffee Company

Metropolis is proud to call Chicago home and serve great coffee to its citizens. The coffee shop invites you to try great coffee and choose your favorite blend. You can also visit their official website if you want to become a barista or get some useful brewing tips.

The company was established by Jeff (the father) and Tony (his son) in 2003, due to espresso drinking competition and their sincere love of great coffee. They have noticed a 12kg roaster while walking down the street and decided to buy it, and start a business. 

You can find them at the Granville cafe with a full drink menu and try their bakery or Do-Rite Donuts. Metropolis offers a lot of various hot and cold coffee beverages, as well as exquisite coffee blends, single origins, espressos, decaf coffee, and unroasted coffee beans here.

They also offer various loose-leaf tea options, tea bags, Rishi Masala Chai Concentrate, and Rishi Turmeric Ginger Chai Concentrate, as well as various mugs, tumblers, and koozies with creative designs. Moreover, you can find unique tees, posters, and various brewing equipment on the site.

Philz Coffee

1640 West Division St. Chicago, IL 60622

1425 E 53rd St. Chicago, IL 60615

2323 N Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60614

1030 Davis St. Evanston, IL 60201


Mon – Fri: 8 am – 4 pm

Philz Coffee specializes in drip coffee preparation and is based in Chicago and California. It all started in 1978 with Phil Jaber and a convenience store in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Phill had one simple goal for its coffee shop visitors – to make their day better. They can offer 20+ unique coffee blends, created from various high-quality beans from the best suppliers in the world.

Choose your dark, medium, or light roast and try it at Philz! This place always was and still is about high-quality coffee, attention, kindness, and connection with the community. Because for Phil, it was not just about coffee but about people and respect. By the way, they also sell teas, gift cards, and merch.

Sip of Hope

If you are looking for a way to support suicide prevention and mental health education – buy a cup of coffee from Sip of Hope and show your love! We all have bad days and sometimes it takes much more than a cup of coffee but still, it’s a good way to remind ourselves that it’s not that bad after all.

This cozy coffee bar encourages breaking the silence, which is the main reason for suicide. So this place offers great coffee at affordable prices and a warm atmosphere where you can have a nice conversation. They serve hot coffees, cold brews, teas, and various pastries from West Town Bakery. Plus, you can order hats, tees, a mug, and a community coffee bag. And remember it’s OK not to be OK.

Build Coffee

6100 South Blackstone Ave. Chicago, IL 60637

Wed – Fri: 8 am – 3 pm

Sat + Sun: 9 am – 2 pm

On Saturdays, they are at the 61st Street Farmers Market 

Closed Monday and Tuesday.

If you like to mix your coffee drinking with reading and art, you might just fall in love with this place. Build Coffee is a hybrid hub – it’s a coffee shop and a bookstore on the South Side of Chicago.

Apart from getting a cup of good coffee, you can also find a lot of interesting stuff to read (comics, magazines, books, etc), as well as become a witness to a special event, e.g. a gallery show, game night, performance, etc. 

Build Coffee supports local artists and their creations. If you like their style, you can show you support by buying their custom pins, crewnecks, and gift cards on their official site.

There’s something going on there all the time (except for Mondays and Tuesdays, though). They offer hot coffees and teas, local whole pies and mixed pastries, salads, seasonal dishes, light breakfasts, and lunches.

Sawada Coffee

112 N Green St

Chicago, IL, 60607

Open Daily 8 am – 4 pm

Open Daily: 8 am – 4 pm

Apart from deep and rich-flavored coffee, including their famous High Five Mocha, Military Latte, Black Camo Latte, and Strong Drip, you can also get unique donuts here, e.g. a specialty camouflage doughnut.

It’s a cozy industrial and minimalist-themed coffee shop where a master of latte art, Hiroshi Sawada (Japan), will surprise you with his skills of making the invigorating coffee drink the way you’ve never seen it before. He actually makes an appearance in a certain Nikon commercial (they asked him to create latter art for a poster).

 All in all, it’s a great and stylish place with big windows, where trendy magazines and colorful skateboards hang on the walls, and interesting baristas can talk to you about coffee. It’s a good place to visit with your friends, drink coffee, and chat, as you sit at a comfortable communal table, or play ping-pong, waiting for the best latte in your life.

Hero Coffee Bar

This Chicago-based place opened in 2014 (Iconic 439 S. Dearborn, Chicago) by Brian Tubolino and Craig Alexander to bring their innovative coffee ideas to life and treat people with delicious bagel sandwiches. Now the place belongs to Michelle Martinez and her partner, Trey Brooks. Hero Coffee Bar is a place to visit if you want to change the world!

They locally roast and source their coffee beans and are into various charity projects, including BLM and LGBT communities. Hero serves the best “fuel” to positively impact the people of Chicago, offering various coffee beans in bags, hot coffees, delicious bagels, barista art education, and merch. 


Cupitol claims to serve the best breakfasts in Chicago. That’s a serious statement and a good reason to check this cozy place. Apart from “the best breakfasts,” they also offer brunches, in-house bakery, salads, sandwiches, shared/large plates, various cocktails, and other beverages. Oh yeah, and they also have a kids menu.

The place boasts with its award-winning coffees, exceptional locally sourced ingredients, high-quality pastries, cold-pressed juices, and European style counter. It seems to be a great combination of cafe, restaurant, bakery, and an every-day bar. So hop in!

Big Shoulders Coffee

Welcome to your perfect “third place”. Apart from your home and work, Big Shoulders Coffee can become an ideal coffee shop to spend your leisure time. This is where you can get comfortable, chilling in relaxation, and enjoying a fragrant smell of deep freshly-roasted coffee. And drink it too, of course!

The atmosphere of this place is warm and cozy, it’s virtually shining with hospitality, kind manners, politeness, and high-quality service. Big Shoulders offer award-winning coffee beans from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Colombia.

The place was born thanks to Tim Coonan (the founder) and his love of learning about people, food, and culture. Apart from various bags of freshly-roasted beans, craft coffee drinks, teas, and bottled beverages, they also serve foods like turkey sausage sandwiches, burritos, bacon egg’n cheese muffins, cookies, oats, etc.

Ipsento Coffee

Ipsento is a small minimalist-styled coffee shop (in fact, there are two shops located nearby) with white walls and dark-brown wooden furniture elements. They serve delicious mini-donuts and high-quality coffee drinks.

It’s a great establishment to spend some quality time with your second half and get a great coffee experience. They serve unique well-crafted coffee drinks and foods made with love by people who care. Ipsento claims to be the most satisfying coffee brand in Chicago! Deja-vu! 

They concentrate on exceptional customer service to become your perfect go-to cafe in Chicago if you are looking for exceptionally good coffee. Ipsento offers Chicago-roasted coffee beans from Brazil, Guatemala, and Colombia. You can also find decaffeinated coffee here. Ipsento has its own Ipsento Coffee app available for download in the App Store or Google Play – this is where you can order online from either coffee shops.

CBC Specialty Beverage

CBC Specialty Beverage is a unique coffee distributor that is also a reliable supplier of high-quality brewing equipment and various useful services, including maintenance, barista training, repairs, and recommendations. The company was established in 1989 and has built its reputation on the unmatchable quality of production and premium coffee distribution.

CBC works with elite coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants, providing dark, light, and medium roast coffee from the world’s best coffee roasters for elite hotels, professional chefs, and various businesses. CBC’s innovative approaches and consulting services make them one of the best partners in the coffee industry today.

You can order any coffee blends, single origins, espressos, ready to drink beverages, On Tap options, or cold brews. CBC cooperates with Big Shoulders, Brewpoint Coffee, Bridgeport Coffee, Colorado River, Dark Matter Coffee, and other famous roasters. Plus, the company also offers all kinds of loose-leaf teas you can imagine, delivered from trustworthy suppliers, including China Mist, Harney & Sons, Kilogram Tea, Mighty Leaf, etc.).

And, of course, they also have different kettles, brewers, filters, mugs, teapots, glasses, cleaning agents, syrups, and creamers available for purchase. The question is, will you be able to NOT find something you need on their official website?

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