Best 10 Coffee Shops in Cincinnati


Cincinnati is a city full of thrills, art, history, and delicious coffee. There are many good coffee shops open daily, including the best in the city, where, in between exploring the main attractions of the city, you can enjoy a really good high-quality coffee drink and make your day a little more invigorating. Cincinnati will be a great place to meet new people, chatting with them while drinking a cup of fragrant coffee, and tasting traditional Ohio cuisine. 

There is always a lot to choose from – coffee houses from the list below offer rich craft coffee and unique simple and nourishing meat dishes. In Cincinnati, you can taste traditional hamburgers and hot dogs with dozens of filling options almost everywhere! 

In recent years, the city has opened many attractive coffee houses, which specialize in premium coffee beans from the best roasters and suppliers of the world. Each coffee house is trying to win and keep the status of the best coffee house in the city, offering unique beverages, various pastries, seasonal dishes, cheeses, meat snacks, and international dishes.

If you’re thinking about where to meet with your family, friends, or future love in Cincinnati, or maybe you want to visit the main spots with unique menus, etc. – whatever the case, here’s a list with the best coffee shops in Cincinnati! Read on to find the one that suits you best!

Deeper Roots Coffee

It all started in 2003 with a local cafe in Cincinnati, OH, and the fierce passion of its owners who valued quality in everything, whether it’s crafting specialty coffees, constant improvement of service, or serving exceptionally delicious espresso.

Deeper Roots Coffee then started to import coffee beans from Guatemala and cooperate with a local group of farmers. Up to now, they continue to support small coffee farmers and improve their coffee quality. On their official site, you can order various blends, decaf coffee, espresso, seasonal coffee, and single origins. They also offer merch, brewers, educational class series.

Coffee Emporium

Over-the-Rhine Café

110 E. Central Parkway Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


Hyde Park Café

3316 Erie Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45208


Have you ever tried bourbon barrel-aged coffee? If not, well, now you have a great reason! The oldest operating coffee house in Cincinnati invites you to have your best cup of coffee (at least for a day)! You will be welcomed by experienced staff and surrounded by fragrant smells and impeccable service. They even have their own artisan roaster! It’s all about coffee and the community here.

Apart from that, Coffee Emporium also offers the finest quality beans in small batches, signature blends, flavored coffees, decaf coffees, cold brews, and harper’s blends. Coffee Emporium offers breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, soups, sides, desserts, and dinner entrees.

La Terza

La Terza (“the third” in Italian) went further than just providing good coffee – they offer barista educational classes, equipment, business support, and all other tools you need to run your own coffee shop and grow in the coffee industry. And, of course, they care a lot about customer satisfaction, providing coffee drinks of exceptional quality.

So if you want to learn more about coffee, watch the roasting process, find answers to your questions, and enjoy coffee, you are more than welcome at La Terza, an artisan coffee and espresso roasterie. By the way, they roast their beans in a unique way, evaluating each coffee bean and developing a custom roasting technique to ensure uniform roasting and bringing out the richest flavor.

Urbana Cafe

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  • Pendleton: 1130 Broadway St. Cincinnati, OH, 45202
  • East Walnut Hills: 2714 Woodburn Ave. Cincinnati, OH, 45206
  • SCRIPPS CENTER: 312 Walnut St. Cincinnati, OH, 45202
  • Findlay Market: 1801 Race St. Cincinnati, OH, 45202

Urbana is a place that you don’t want to leave…at all. You just want to sit there and enjoy your cup of coffee in solitude or with your friend. You can actually feel the passion with which every coffee drink is brewed and the love embedded in their snacks. 

They offer small bites (biscuits, loaves, banana bread, fruit tarts, pistachio, chocolate croissants, sandwiches, bagels, etc.). You can order Urbana coffee in small bags and enjoy it at home or visit the place to see it all.

Urbana is all about simplicity, authentic pleasure, and dogs (for some reason) – you will not find a lot of various coffees here – they prefer to offer 2 blends and 2 single origin coffees during the year, delivering coffee beans from Indonesia, South and Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. They are proud to treat their clients with unique seasonal offers with unique and tricky flavors from small or family-owned roasteries and farms.

Lola’s Cincy

24 W 3rd Street, 45202, Cincinnati, OH


Sun-Tue: Closed

Wed: 9 am – 5 pm

Thur-Sat: 7 am – 7 pm

If you are looking for a nice small place to visit for a hot cup of coffee in Fall, try Lola’s Cincy where they have special favorite’s like Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Snickers Mocha, Latte, Salted Caramel Mocha, S’mores Mocha Latte, and Apple Chaider. The latter is prepared carefully with hot apple cider, steamed with chai tea, and sprinkled with cinnamon on top. Delicious!

If you feel cold in rainy weather or don’t have anything warm to put on, this spiced hot drink will take you straight to Sweaterburg! The whole atmosphere of Lola’s Cincy is very warm and welcoming. They also serve all standard coffee drinks, including drip coffee, frappuccino, lavender latte, French press, pour-over coffee, decaf coffee, and cold brews.

They also have various board games to play with your family and friends, and Lola’s special Adult Coffee Cocktails (with whiskey!), so you will not get bored for sure. So if you are nearby, hop in to try their specials!

Caffe Vivace

This roomy place with soft seats, benches, WiFi, and many outlets is built for coffee lovers who need a quiet place to work, and also for jazz fans who love wine and want to have a great leisure time in the evening. Jazz and coffee is a great combination, don’t you think?

You can visit Vivace with your whole family or alone, relax or work, meet new people, and listen to talented local jazz musicians who will surely make your day better. And all that is available 5 days a week! During day time, Vivace is a simple coffee house but as evening comes, the music transforms this place into a jazz lounge.

They have pumpkin lattes and spice mule, apple cider, Carmen McRae Latte, Spiced Brandy Hot Toddy, and a lot of wine bottles to choose from.

Cafe Vivace was founded by Brent Gallaher and Vanessa Keeton who decided to spread their love for jazz across the Queen City (Cincinnati). And why not mix this love with coffee passion? This is a place where you can get your perfect morning brew, work in peace, and chill after it, as you sip on high-quality craft espresso or wine.

You can also try their tasty treats, e.g. their famous African Peanut Stew, premium flatbread, handcrafted pies from O Pie O, vegan burritos, and delicious breakfast sandwiches. They also rent their space for special events, so you can contact them for reservations. 

Sitwells Act II

Sitwell’s is a 3-in-1 establishment with a bohemian atmosphere and live music that combines a coffeehouse, restaurant, and a bar. You can enjoy delicious coffee (they have a huge list of coffee drinks to choose from), brewed from high-quality fresh-roasted coffee beans, local beers and wine, teas, cocktails, wine, and extras.

As for the food, light and filling dishes with exquisite ingredients are at your disposal! You can try their delicious Thai Chicken and Red Curry, Beef & Chorizo Avocado Burger, or check their impressive brunch menu and choose something nice from there. They have many burgers, sandwiches, starters, salads, wraps, and pastries. Apart from all that, they often host local art shows and poetry readings, so you might want to check the Events section on their official website to get there at the right time. 

Mad Llama Coffee and Bakery

5001 Kenwood Rd Cincinnati, OH 45227


Mon-Fri: 6:30 am – 4 pm

Sat & Sun: 8 am – 4 pm

Mad Llama is a group of baristas, roasters, and chefs who sincerely enjoy making good coffee and food. Here creativity, development, and quality stand above all. They make almost everything themselves, whether it’s coffee roasting, soft ice cream, steak sandwiches, pastries, or anything else you might need to make your day better.

Mad Llama also has a drive-up window if you want to order from your car, and a parking lot if you want to get in the place and take a closer look at the menu. 

They offer various standard coffee drinks, bagels, breakfast dishes (sausages, eggs, bacon, onions, spinach, cheese, burritos, sourdough rolls, etc.), gluten-free banana bread, quiches, and Llama bread (chocolate & vanilla marbled pound cake).

It’s nothing too exquisite – just a friendly local coffee shop with a friendly atmosphere where you can drink good coffee and eat.   

College Hill Coffee Co.

6128 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45224


Tue – Fri: 8 am – 2 pm

Sat – Sun: 9 am – 3 pm

Closed on Mondays

College Hill is a place where you can enjoy good coffee, read a newspaper, work (free Wi-Fi), or meet with your family and friends. They want you to have a perfect experience and come back again, thus, they make everything possible that you like what you see and get. The place was established by Tina Stoeberl (the owner) in 2006, with a goal to bring live entertainment into the community.

Every weekend, College Hill invites Cincinnati residents and guests to see a live concert with local singers and musicians performing in various genres, from folk to rock. Just in many coffee shops in Cincinnati, it’s all about the community here. 

College Hill’s slogan is “eat, sip, chat, chill.” Tina wanted this place to become an inviting and friendly spot for gathering and she has successfully achieved it. Apart from great exquisite French, Ethiopian, Guatemala, Kenyan, and Mexican coffee drinks (Cafe au Lait, Breve, Coffee of the Day, Gourmet Coffee, etc.) and food (various salads, soups, sides, and muffins).

You might also want to know that there are some unique gifts in store: mugs, calendars, puzzles, board games, home goods, Cincinnati-themed gifts, merch, art glass, fashion scarves, towels, etc. 

Bloc Coffee Company

What’s so special about Bloc (Believing and Living One Christ), you ask? Well, they have a beautiful minimalistic website and high-quality service. Judging by the name of this establishment, you can say that it’s a people’s place that cares about the community.

Bloc is a friendly spot with a comfortable seating area, charming ambiance, and friendly staff. It’s a favorite coffee shop of many Cincinnati residents who come back to it, again and again, to taste really quality coffee, chat with their friends, and simply remind themselves that life is a gift.

Bloc has been gathering everyone for over 12 years, providing impeccable service to make everyone feel like a million bucks. It’s a great place for meetings with neat interior elements, delicious high-quality coffee (flavored lattes in particular), breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, and pastries.

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