Best 10 Coffee Shops in Los Angeles


Some people find it quite challenging to start “functioning” adequately in the mornings – we all have different ways to refresh ourselves, and many of us simply cannot see our mornings without the tart fragrant drink. 

Coffee brewing is an art, thus, at least sometimes, it should be trusted to professionals. Fortunately, La-La Land has opened dozens of cozy coffee shops, where you can get yourself a cherished espresso, cappuccino, or latte.

Thankfully, finding good coffee in virtually any US city is not a big problem. However, as they say, you still need to know the right places. Despite the raging Covid-19 waves, small but remarkable coffee shops are opened every month here and there, where they know how to brew, serve, and talk about your favorite invigorating drink. 

I suggest taking a look at some of the best coffee shops in the city, where coffee is not just a drink but a Religion. Freshly brewed and fragrant, bitter and viscous, with almond notes and chocolate aftertaste – I will tell you where they serve the best coffee in LA (approved by locals). Read on!

Alfred Cafe

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Sun-day, Lox-day. 📷:

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Melrose Place

705 N Alfred St

Los Angeles, CA 90069


10:00am – 5:00pm | 7 days a week

Would you like to try some innovative coffee and tea? Then Alfred welcomes you! The coffee shop was established by Josh Zad and opened on Melrose Place, LA in 2013 and instantly impressed its visitors with great customer service and sleek interior. Their official website also looks incredibly stylish and unique in every way.

Located in many different places throughout LA, Austin, and even Japan, each Alfred cafe is designed individually and each offers an independent menu to satisfy every taste, focusing on providing an impeccable experience for its customers. No matter if you’re thirsty or hungry, you will find delicious high-quality foods and drinks here. 

You can try their custom Pink Drink (strawberry, pomegranate, beetroot, vanilla, cinnamon, and milk blend), Chagaccino (vanilla, cacao, cinnamon, monk fruit, topped with espresso & milk), Oat Cappucino (classic espresso with micro-foam and a creamy, oaty twist), Thai Milk Tea with Boba (traditional Thai-spiced black tea, with sugar and cocoa shells, topped with half&half).

Let alone their exclusive master-blended Matcha Latte and world-famous Iced Vanilla Latte. They also have branded tees, mugs, bowls, ice cream scoops, coffee grinders, bottles, totes, key chains, pins, stainless steel straws, coffee and tea packs, pint glasses, gift cards, hats, tins, syrups, chocolate bars, tumblers, gift kits, and much more!

Trejos Coffee & Donuts



(323) 462-4600

Here he is! The man himself! Who would have thought that Danny would ever open a place like this? Not a strip club or a gun shop? What a surprise! And it looks like a great place to visit – they have so many amazing donuts there and very energetic staff! I start drooling here just by looking at all those treats! I think I can feel their softness and flavor in my mouth!

All donuts are made from local ingredients with a Mexican twist and creative flairs. You can choose from various raised donuts, vegan donuts, donut holes, and even a berry bomb! Are they as good as they look? Well, you can figure it out yourself! 

No matter what day it is you can turn it into a real holiday with these delicious treats and Trejo’s Whole Bean Coffee! You can also order a Signed Trejos Tacos Cookbook, coffee mugs with the man’s face, original t-shirts, Trejos Hot Sauce, hydro flask coffee tumblers, baseball caps, keychains, canvas totes, and even pop sockets on the official site. By the way, did you know that the native badass also owns Trejo’s Tacos, Trejo’s Truck & Trailer Services (that’s more like it), and Trejo’s Cantina? Well, now you do! Anyway, if you are going to visit the place, don’t forget your mask! Because you don’t want to mess with Machete!

Tak’s Coffee Shop

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Do you believe in love at first bite?

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3870 Crenshaw Blvd Ste. 101 

Los Angeles, CA 90008

(323) 295-0195

Probably, one of the coziest, genuine, and friendly coffee shops in LA with a grounded atmosphere, good coffee, and Hawaiian/Asian-inspired food. Tak’s opens really early in the morning and is always open to you before your work or at noon. Be sure they will not let you leave hungry and always have something special to surprise you with. Plus, they are really fast (that’s basically the main reason they are so popular in the neighborhood). 

So if you are starving or in a rush, but still want to have your meal and a cup of hot fragrant coffee, this is your place. The place opened around 20 years ago, so they have some solid experience and know exactly how to treat their clients with respect and hospitality, serving simple but delicious dishes and accepting sincere gratitude from people in return.


The South LA Coffeeshop (the SLAC) is a fairly young business on a mission to build community in the neighborhood through the love of coffee, South LA culture, and connection. This shop is known to be a local gathering place that unites people and gives them hope, playing a big role in feeding those in need, living in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, it all got complicated, and now, the cafe is struggling financially, trying to survive and make ends meet with up to 80% sales losses

Today the SLAC mostly offers mobile order pick-ups but you can still enjoy their delicious great coffee and food. And, if you want, you can also donate to support the black community of the neighborhood. You can choose from regular but high-quality hot/cold coffee drinks (including Matcha Latte, Chai Latte, House Coffee, Iced Caramel Macchiato, Iced Mocha Latte, Iced Vanilla Latte, Iced Latte, etc.), teas, smoothies, lemonade, hot chocolate, and, of course, various Quick Bites, including delicious treats like an Old School Coffee Cake, Zucchini Loaf Cake, muffins, cookies, cupcakes, bagels, and toasts. They also sell groceries.

Cofax Coffee

440 N Fairfax Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 424-7485

Fri-Sun: 7:30 am – 3 pm

Mon – Thu: 7.30 am – 1:30 pm

Opened in 2014, Cofax Coffee offers a cozy place with exceptional coffee and Mexican vibes. Yes, this is where they pay special attention to brewing high-quality coffee to provide the best experience in LA. And it’s the best place to visit if you’re a passionate burrito fan – here you can get as many of those as you want! Their iconic thick breakfast burritos are flavored with slow-smoked potatoes, mouthwatering meats, and local California ingredients! 

Moreover, they serve delicious donuts, stunning pastries, Mexican Horchata latte, and custom handcrafted Matcha. Other menu options include Chorizo, bacon, smoked veggie hashes, pastrami, Hot Link, iced coffees, and teas. You can also get coffee beans and frozen burritos here as souvenirs. And If you become a fan of this place, you can order their merch to show your love for the place – they have tees, hats, and even a zip-up hoodie.

Civil Coffee



Stop by Highland Park

Open Daily: 7 am – 5 pm 

Civil Coffee was established in 2011 by Alan and Alex Morales. Based on a goal to serve great coffee and share espresso brewing experience in LA. The place is located in the neighborhood of Highland Park – this is where all high-quality coffee beans are delivered to.

The brother dua is known to take part in different events around the city (e.g. Coachella) and provide the best coffee, lunches, and breakfasts in the neighborhood. Civil Coffee is a friendly gathering place with a minimalistic and stylish interior where you feel comfortable, inspired, and always welcome. They serve wonderful espressos, drip coffees, teas, and specialties (mocha, the Arroyo, the Figueroa, One & One, Hall & Oats, Chocolate + Milk). 

As for eats, you can choose from various custom options, including the Morales Breakfast (skillet scramble, fried corn tortilla chips, sweet peppers, bruschetta, Pepperjack cheese), Burrito Angeleno, Fried Chicken ‘N Waffles, Caprese Toast, and various pastries.

Plus, you can also get yourself some goods if you feel like it: Civil Coffee Eagle Pin, Civil Coffee Tote, E-Gift Cards, and various packages with whole beans and treats. All in all, it’s a stylish and very clean place where you simply feel great. Civil Coffee proves that every day is a good day to be civil and proud of yourself.

Habitat Coffee LA

3708 Eagle Rock Blvd  

Los Angeles, CA 90065

(323) 739-0222

Habitat looks like your most favorite neighborhood coffee shop (which you can’t enter due to the coronavirus) with a rich menu and friendly staff. They deliver delicious assorted muffins, bagels, pastries, and cookies daily! Anyone can find something special here, no matter if you’re a true carnivore, vegan, gluten-free, or on a diet. So if you are a fan of those, you might just order something from this place. 

This place has a full coffee bar and offers amazing organic coffee (house-brewed coffee, Cafe Au Lait, Red Eye, cold brews (best in the city), Joe-To-Go, and various espressos), hot chocolate (Classic or Flavored caramel-, vanilla-, white-chocolate-flavored, with alternative milk and sweeteners), fresh high-quality teas and lattes (organic loose-leaf tea, Matcha tea latte, Sick Tea, Turmeric Latte, Chai Tea Latte, etc.), organic ice teas  (Black, White Coconut Creme, Pomegranate Green, Fresh Mint Lemonade, Arnold Palmer, and Herbal Hibiscus). 

They also have delicious sandwiches (10+ options), salads (8+ options) tostadas, warm Quinoa flakes, smoked salmon plates, homemade granolas, Impossible burritos, Arugula and Almond pesto, veggies (caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes, spinach, zucchini, basil, Pico de Gallo, etc.) cheeses (Feta, Swiss, Cheddar, Vegan, Goat, etc.), proteins (ham, bacon, apple smoked, chicken sausages, smoked salmon, etc.), and scrambled eggs. Feels like your own neighborhood!

Cafe Tropical

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Open Daily 7am – 3pm

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2900 Sunset Blvd, 

Los Angeles, CA 90026

Cafe Tropical has complemented the neighborhood of Silver Lake, LA since 1975, adding purple colors and spreading fragrant coffee smell in the area. This place is nothing like anything you have been to before – they will offer you delicious Cuban-style pastries and snacks (classic custom sandwiches).

But the best thing is that their coffee is truly exclusive – Cuban freshly roasted (dark roast) coffee beans will satisfy the most demanding taste and surely appeal to those who prefer strong espresso. 

You can also order Cuban style espresso and Specialty Dark Roast coffee, as well as whole coffee beans online with a 10% discount for your first order. Apart from that, Cafe Tropical has some merch for you to get, including Cafe Tropical  Purple Tote, Tropical Tie-Dye Apron. They also offer gift cards and decaff coffee.

Tectonic Coffee Co

Tectonic Cofee is ready to welcome you and offer delicious award-winning (Golden Bean North America Medal Winners) coffees ground using handpicked professional equipment (La Marzocco, Wilbur Curtis brewers, Mazzer and Mahlkonig grinders).

Now, this is serious! You should definitely try their Single-Origin Pour-Over (Kenya Gatomboya), Espresso (Tectonic Blend), Milk-Based coffee (Nicaragua El Diamante), and Single Origin Espresso (Ethiopia Feku Jtebril) – you will not forget it for sure. 

The establishment is founded by Deaton Pigot, a passionate coffee lover from Australia, a traveler, a professional barista with more than 25 years of experience, and an international coffee expert (an official Cup of Excellence jury in Honduras, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, and Colombia / US Regional judge / National Barista Championship judge).

The guy personally meets various producers, growers, and proven importers to get the best possible coffee from chosen countries of origin and deliver it to the US. Tectonic Coffee also offers consulting services – they can come to your place and teach you to brew coffee! 

If you value rich and deep coffee flavor, high-quality grinders, and want to learn more about the world of coffee and brewing methods – Tectonic Coffee is the best place to address. You can also order their coffee online and will be shipped straight to your door.

Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee is ready to surprise you with a huge variety of coffee blends that you’ve never tried before. This full-service coffee shop is different – experienced baristas carefully brew every Cup of Love (as they call them), crafting each coffee drink to individual preferences to get the perfect blend, no matter how you like your coffee. This place offers no regular lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, or any pre-brews – only custom blends with high-quality coffee beans from the best places in the world. 

You can choose from various handmade foods (bagels, toasts, energy bowls, etc.), hot breakfasts, baked goods, and, of course, unique coffee blends, including dark and bold blends, e.g. Great Outdoors (Rich, Dark Chocolate, Buttery Roast, Smokey, Syrupy), Ether (Toffee, Cherry, Cinnamon), Aromatic Arabic (Smoke, Walnut, Earth), Esctatic (Chocolate, Syrup, Caramel), Jacob’s Wonderbar (Dark Chocolate, Smoke, Nuts) – this one’s the most popular among dark-roast coffee fans, Tantalizing Turkish (Cardamom, Herbs, Tobacco); medium and balanced Tesora (Caramel, Nuts, Butter), Greater Alarm (Cashew, Pineapple, Cocoa), light and bright Ambrosia Coffee of God (Blackberry, Grape, Toast), Dancing Water (Milk Chocolate, Grains, Cashew); Decaf House Medium Blend (Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Citrus), and many more! 

They have their stores in LA, San Diego, Orange Country, D.C., San Francisco, and Chicago. You can make an order online using their special app (they offer mobile-only pick-up) and even see who’s making it!  

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