Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines


Today’s market selection for super automatic espresso machines is pretty diverse. From elite models to more affordable options, with frothers and without—the choices are near endless.

Though you are probably familiar with the concept of an espresso machine and have most likely encountered a professional one in coffee shops, there is more to what makes the espresso machine tick side from heating water and extracting coffee.

Trying to decide which brand or model to choose can be quite difficult, especially with similarly priced makers from professional appliance manufacturers like Saeco and more home-oriented elite brands like De’Longhi. So before going all out and picking the first overpriced espresso maker you see, you might want to consider some of the following options based on their features.

List of Top Super Automatic Espresso Machines

PhotoProductWater tank capacityBean hopper sizeDetails
DeLonghi ESAM3300De’Longhi ESAM330060 oz7.10 ozView on Amazon
Saeco-HD8917-48Saeco HD8917/4860.09 oz8.8 ozView on Amazon
Jura-A1-15148Jura A1 1514836.8 oz4.4 ozView on Amazon
Gaggia-Brera-59101Gaggia Brera 5910140 oz8.8 ozView on Amazon
Nespresso-D40-US-BK-NENespresso D40-US-BK-NE24 ozCapsulesView on Amazon
KRUPS-EA8250KRUPS EA825060 oz9.6 ozView on Amazon

What Should I Know About Super Automatic Espresso Machines?

Preparing whole beans or ground coffee and extracting it under high pressure is essentially what an espresso maker does, but there are different ways to conduct this process when it comes to user interaction.

Your direct involvement in each stage of the brewing process is what defines the classification of espresso makers, whether it’s manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic, also called super automatic.

What makes super automatic espresso makers particularly attractive is their accessibility—even casual coffee drinkers and amateur home baristas can handle coffee brewing with a machine of this type. This type of espresso makers controls each step of the espresso-making process, from grinding beans to preparing frothy drinks without any assistance from the user.

When looking at any model’s specs, consider the following features:

  • Supported coffee types. This includes whole bean coffee, ground, the combination of the two, and capsule-only. If you don’t need anything fancy, capsule or ground-only machines will suit you perfectly well. For more serious connoisseurs, however, it’s best to go for models with grinders and bypass dosers.
  • Water tank capacity. Fully auto machines come with various reservoir capacities, from 20-ounce to 60-ounce tanks and up. Large families or regular coffee drinkers should look into more spacious models while sole users or couples will be happy with smaller machines. Same goes for bean hopper sizes.
  • Beverage variety. Modern espresso makers offer such a wide selection of coffee drinks, including creamy options like latte and cappuccino and even hot cocoa. For those who want to have more options on hand should definitely consider models with built-in frothers or removable milk frothing carafes for effortless preparation of more complicated drinks. If you are satisfied with basic espresso and ristretto options, then models with 2 or 3 drink types will serve you well.
  • Size availability. While most fully auto machines come with adjustable elements (nozzles, wands, trays, etc) to accommodate different cup sizes, some models have rather limited drinkware compatibility. If this isn’t that important to you, there is really no need to fixate on this particular feature, but those who want more for their beverage presentation should pay attention to supported cup sizes and nozzle adjustment specifications.
  • Housing materials. Generally speaking, stainless steel espresso makers (including stainless steel + ABS hybrid models) last much longer and balance out the heat distribution. This doesn’t mean that plastic machines are inherently worse—some are even more reliable than many stainless steel versions, such as plastic-encased Jura. Plastic also doesn’t mean the machine will be cheap. It may be slightly cheaper than its stainless steel counterparts, though it all depends on the brand.
  • Unit size. Naturally, the more feature-packed a machine is, the heavier and larger it ends up being. This doesn’t mean fully automatic machines are unruly behemoths—most residential espresso makers are designed to fit standard counter spaces and generally make your life easier. The biggest distinction in this class is between regular-sized countertop machines and compact or portable models with handles and lightweight bodies. If you need a smaller and more mobile machine, look for those with light unit weight numbers and smaller dimensions. Keep in mind that ultra-compact machines have fewer brewing features.

Review of the Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

De’Longhi ESAM3300

De'Longhi ESAM3300

One of the more accessible elite coffee makers from this brand, De’Longhi ESAM3300 is a leader among super automatic espresso machines, offering a wide range of beverage options, impressive brewing capacity, and reliable user interface.


  • Housing material: Stainless steel
  • Control type: Rotary + push-button
  • Drink options: 5
  • Water reservoir capacity: 60 oz
  • Bean container capacity: 7.10 oz
  • Dimensions: 11” x 15.3” x 14.4”
  • Item weight: 23.2 pounds


  • Easy cleaning
  • Reliable component materials
  • Adjustable brewing settings
  • Multi-size support
  • Quiet bean grinder
  • Direct supply brewing system
  • Produced in Italy

Apart from the titular espresso, this super automatic espresso machine can deliver four other beverage options, including cappuccino, latte, americano, and plain hot water on demand. The main espresso option is also multi-length, meaning you can use large cups or mugs when making the drink.

In addition to the full-size espresso function, this De’Longhi accommodates a number of brew sizes for all available beverage settings thanks to its adjustable spigot which can be adapted for different drinkware heights such as espresso shots, regular coffee cups, and some travel mugs.

Moreover, the espresso machine is equipped with an accommodating cappuccino maker compatible with milk containers of all popular sizes thanks to its 180-degree rotation angle. This is also a relatively energy-efficient appliance thanks to its built-in safety feature of automatic shutoff that engages after 3 hours on standby. 

One of the standout features of this model is its advanced coffee making system consisting of two Thermoblock boilers, a burr grinder with a bypass for pre-ground or decaf coffee, and a built-in milk prep system.

The Magnifica brewing system employs stainless steel boilers which are both compact and highly stable, distributing heat evenly and consistently regardless of beverage type and its complexity.

What’s even handier is the fact that the duo boilers ensure the average heat up time doesn’t exceed 75 seconds (depending on size) while at the same time providing a quick reheating feature to maintain the temperature between each coffee portion.

As for the types of coffee intake, this model supports two main processes: the exceptionally quiet beans-to-brew system for grinding coffee on sight at the desired grinding level and brewing it fresh out of the burr grinder; and the bypass system for taking pre-ground coffee and delivering a faster brew.

Located on the front of the espresso machine, the manual controls allow for easy selection and setting adjustment, including the control of the unit’s electronic thermostat. The combo of push-button and rotary controls is both more reliable than digital and easier to navigate, especially in the event of emergency shut off or when you may need to cancel the procedure.

In addition to the intuitive manual interface, the panel lets you control water and coffee amounts for each serving so you can create customized brews for you and your guests. The panel also features a set of indicators to alert you about water levels in the tank as well as various stages of the brewing process.

In terms of maintenance, this model is especially yielding since it not only allows you to remove the boiler system and other containers (such as bean holder and drip plate) for cleaning but also offers automatic rinse and descaling programs.

Together with its sizeable 60-ounce water reservoir, the espresso machine offers a roomy 7-ounce coffee bean holder and a drip tray which can be removed for cleaning. The tray’s design also ensures the cups are sufficiently warmed up for more comfortable coffee enjoyment.

Saeco HD8917/48

Saeco HD8917/48

Elegant and quietly impressive, the super automatic Saeco Incanto Carafe combines elite brewing and frothing systems with luxury design and impressive operational convenience, from its long-lasting purification technology to easy and fast maintenance.


  • Housing material: Stainless steel
  • Control type: Buttons + LED screen
  • Drink options: 4
  • Water reservoir capacity: 60.09 oz
  • Bean container capacity: 8.8 oz
  • Dimensions: 16.8” x 8.4” x 12.9” 
  • Item weight: 21.8  pounds


  • Built-in filtration removes calcium deposits
  • Sleek stainless steel exterior
  • Comes with a large waste container
  • Ceramic grinder preserves coffee flavor 
  • Removable components allow for faster cleaning
  • Offers auto descaling and cleaning programs
  • Integrated milk carafe for fast cappuccino and macchiato options

Incorporating one of the finest Italian-made brewing systems with other built-in features that ensure seamless operation, this classic Saeco espresso machine performs every step of the brewing process in its own so you don’t have to do any of the messy tasks like frothing milk or grinding beans.

The numbers this model produces are quite impressive since each element is aimed to boost the performance efficiency, most noticeably seen in the volume of its containers like the 60-ounce water tank (or, more accurately, 60.09 oz) and the 8.8-ounce bean holder.

Both containers can be accessed with ease for a refill and can also be removed for cleaning so that the machine doesn’t get in the way. This is also true for the integrated milk carafe which is not only regularly maintained with the help of the auto-cleaning cycle but can also be safely cleaned in a dishwasher.

The bean grinder of the Incanto also stands out among typical burr grinders for its construction. Apart from being completely adjsustable for various grinding levels, the grinder is made from fine ceramic for the purpose of more delicate handling of coffee beans. For the most part, the ceramic body of the grinder stops the beans from being overheated during the grinding process so that the coffee doesn’t smell or taste burnt as it is often the case with other grinders that overheat the beans.

As an alternative to the grinder, the espresso machine also offers the powder delivery system made for pre-ground coffee and decaf. This option is especially handy for a quick cup of coffee or when you crave the rich coffee taste without caffeine effect.

As for the brewing options, the Incanto offers four main coffee beverages, including espresso, espresso lungo, cappuccino and latte macchiato. If you want some extra flavor in your cup, you can always go with the optional “aroma strength” feature designed to enrich any selected coffee drink.

Powered by a fast-acting boiler and superior filtration system, the espresso machine delivers a consistently pure supply of hot water without long delays. Saeco’s Aqua Clean filter with micro-porous elements purifies the water at a reliable rate and postpones the need to descale the machine for long periods of time.

The filtration system is said to last at least 3 months—or, on average, 5,000 cups of coffee—before the need to either replace the filter or descale the machine. When you activate the filter, you automatically turn off the descaling alarm, so it’s important to keep track of how you choose to use the machine’s brewing system.

All brewing options can be accessed via the machine’s front panel that features a mono display with push- and soft-touch buttons for effortless navigation. In addition to the beverage options, the panel offers a menu button, info display, and responsive touch buttons for feature selection.

Jura A1 15148

Jura A1 15148

This ultra-compact Jura A1 super automatic coffee machine displays an ideal balance of a professional-grade brewing system, space-saving dimensions, and sleek design with a fashionably slanted back and stylish piano black finish.


  • Housing material: Plastic
  • Control type: Symbol display
  • Drink options: 3
  • Water reservoir capacity: 36.8 oz
  • Bean container capacity: 4.4 oz
  • Dimensions: 17.5” x 9.4” x 12.7”
  • Item weight: 20.3 pounds


  • Side and top ventilation for safety
  • Attractive contemporary design
  • Features Pulse Extraction Process or P.E.P.® for richer coffee flavor
  • Utilizes Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System or I.P.B.A.S.© for preserving natural aroma
  • Rear panel cable extends for 3.6 feet
  • TÜV-certified hygiene levels
  • Saves countertop space
  • Energy-efficient operation

True to its ascetic form, the A1 maintains the clean spotless exterior with simple lines and contrasting chrome elements found in the front-facing spout, cup platform, and elegant Jura logo.

Equipped with a single-piece Thermoblock system and a 15-bar pump, the A1 is capable of faster heating and brewing. This model also houses a conical AromaG3 bean grinder and a finely-meshed CLEARYL Blue filter both of which ensure the production of rich and aromatic coffee beverages.

Most operational elements are shifted to the top of the unit, including the transparent container for coffee beans with a tightly-sealed lid for preserving the aroma, control switch for grinding levels, 9-ounce powder container for pre-ground coffee, soft-touch control panel, and ventilation slots that prevent the machine from overheating.

The control panel is essentially a symbol display made to respond to single touches. It features symbols for descaling, cleaning, grinding, normal and strong coffee strength levels, filter status, water levels, and the brew types.

This model offers 3 main types of brew: ristretto, espresso, and regular coffee, all of which are brewers to the highest possible quality standard a barista can find in a minimalist espresso machine.

To expand even more on the machine’s drink compatibility, Jura has equipped A1 models with flexible coffee spouts that can be adjustable by height in order to accommodate variously sized cups. Going between 2.3 inches to 5.6 inches, the dispenser can service tall beverage mugs and small ristretto shots.

Moreover, the front-facing drawer houses both the coffee grounds container and the drip tray for faster access, for example when you need to clean up the mess after a brewing session.

Jura also makes sure to help you save on utility bills and maintenance time with its automatic programs aimed to save energy as well as self-clean the appliance. The Zero-Energy Switch can be programmed to automatically shut off the machine, while the self-cleaning feature will engage after 180 brews or, alternatively, 80 switch-on rinses.

Gaggia Brera 59101

Gaggia Brera 59101

The Gaggia Brera is a space-efficient super automatic espresso maker with built-in Pannarello wand for frothed beverages and programmable brew options.


  • Housing material: Stainless steel + ABS
  • Control type: Push-button + LED screen
  • Drink options: 4
  • Water reservoir capacity: 40 oz
  • Bean container capacity: 8.8 oz
  • Dimensions: 12.4″ x 10″ x 17.5″
  • Item weight: 18 pounds


  • Uses rapid steam Thermoblock boiler
  • Supports dual cup brewing
  • Brew group can be removed and washed by hand
  • Features cup warmer with passive heating
  • Automatic descaling program available

Even as a single-boiler model, the Brera proves to be exceptionally fast at water heating regardless of the chosen beverage while also providing a dual cup brewing option. The stainless steel-lined boiler takes only 47 seconds to heat up, 17 more to create steam, and between 18-73 seconds to brew coffee depending on the size and type of the drink.

As for the drink options, the Brera lets you choose and program portions of espresso, lungo, latte, cappuccino, and even americano. Since the machine supports both whole bean and pre-ground coffee types, you can simply load the necessary amount of coffee beans or powder in the grinder or bypass doser.

As is the case with most residential espresso makers of this class, the grinder and doser are accessible via the top panel of the machine. The machine’s ceramic burr grinder not only provides consistent and fine grinding but also minimizes the effects of mechanical overheating in order to preserve the natural coffee flavors.

The grinder uses the Gaggia Adapting System to determine the grinding time and speed based on the number of coffee beans in the container regardless of the roast type. Moreover, the grinder is able to work with different types of coffees thanks to its five presets which you can adjust to your preference.

In addition to grinder adjustments, the Brera offers the Optidose feature for customization of the coffee aroma, allowing you to select light, medium, or strong level. Additionally, you can program the sizes of your espresso and lungo portions and save it to the machine’s memory for fully automatic brewing in the future.

Fairly accommodating, the Brera allows for various cups sizes with the maximum height reaching 4.5 inches and minimum height standing at 3.1 inches. Thanks to the dual nozzle, you can brew two espresso portions at once without worrying about cups getting cold thanks to the built-in warming system found in the uniquely patterned cup platform with stainless steel top and removable drip tray.

For creating frothy drinks, the Brera offers a stainless steel Pannarello steam wand that provides perfect milk aeration for cappuccino and latte. The wand can be used for brewing tea or creating americano since it delivers hot water on-demand.

This is a front-loading model, meaning that the access to both the waste container and the water tank is at the front of the machine. Located inside a pull-out drawer, the reservoir and dreg box can be removed separately and cleaned whenever required.

Nespresso D40-US-BK-NE

Nespresso D40-US-BK-NE

Perhaps one of the more popular capsule espresso makers on the market, the Nespresso Inissia is a leader among compact residential coffee machines specifically notable for its reduced footprint, easy capsule brewing interface, and stylish retro design.


  • Housing material: Plastic
  • Control type: Push-buttons
  • Drink options: 2
  • Water reservoir capacity: 24 oz
  • Bean container capacity: Capsules
  • Dimensions: 4.7” x 9” x 12.6”
  • Item weight: 5.29 pounds


  • Maintains reliable 19-bar pressure 
  • Activates energy-saving mode after 9 minutes on standby
  • Portable design and fast brewing time
  • Ideal for small kitchens
  • Capsule-based system saves time and effort

Featuring a fast and exceptionally responsive boiler system, the Inissia is able to cut down the heat up time to only 25 seconds. With the ability to bring water to the perfect temp level for coffee brewing, the machine ensures the barista-style quality of your beverages is always upheld to the highest degree.

For all its lightweight and compact body, the Inissia manages to host a spacious 24-ounce water reservoir with the brewing capability of at least 9 coffee cups before the need for a refill. The water tank can be easily removed for faster cleaning, though this design also makes adding water much easier.

The Inissia is engineered to run solely on Nespresso coffee capsules which are easy to use and dispose of. The aluminium capsules are recyclable, adding to the overall environmentally-friendly operation of the machine. New Inissia models offer a welcome set of Nespresso capsules with the initial purchase, providing you with 16 hermetically sealed capsules with various coffee aromas and flavors.

As for the coffee selection, the machine supports 2 beverage options: espresso and lungo, both of which can be activated with respective push-buttons located on the top of the coffee maker. After the beverage is made, all used capsules are deposited into a waste container with the maximum capacity of 10 used capsules.

In addition to the brew program itself, the machine allows you to choose the brew size for each portion, so you can enjoy your espresso in cups of various volumes. The cup platform is essentially a drip tray which supports tall mugs or glasses and catches escaped liquid automatically thanks to its drop-down design.

The feature that makes this espresso maker so attractive is its light and space-saving construction. Located on the top of the unit, the ergonomic handle also makes the machine more portable and easier to move from place to place even within your kitchen.



With its elegant French design and powerful fully automatic brewing system, KRUPS EA8250 offers professional-grade coffee delivery requiring minimal effort on the user’s part while also ensuring the consistency of each brew type, from preserved aroma and flavor to high-quality tamping and extraction.


  • Housing material: Plastic
  • Control type: Push-button + rotary + LCD screen
  • Drink options: 4
  • Water reservoir capacity: 60 oz
  • Bean container capacity: 9.6 oz
  • Dimensions: 11.5” x 8” x 12.5”
  • Item weight: 10.4 pounds


  • Large water tank and bean container
  • Simple interface with handy info display
  • Pro-inspired brewing system
  • Compact size suits small counters and other prep stations
  • Designed and produced in France

One of the more impressive features this model possesses is the powerful 1450-watt brew group with an integrated burr grinder, single Thermoblock boiler, and impressive 15-bar pump. Even more strikingly, the espresso machine is equipped with a hydraulic tamping system that provides automatic tamping and monitors high-pressure extraction.

Thanks to its conical shape and metallic construction, the grinder is capable of fine levels of grinding while also preserving the coffee’s flavor. The transparent lid also lets you monitor the level of coffee beans, and the grinder’s setting knob lets you choose between the grinding levels to suit different brew types.

Moreover, the large size of the bean hopper allows you to service the entire family without the need for refills. At 9.6 inches, the hopper can fit in plenty of beans for generous servings, and the hopper’s sealed lid ensures the beans retain their rich aroma.

The voluminous hopper is not the only sizeable container, though: the machine’s 60-ounce water reservoir provides reliable water supply without the need to constantly refill the tank in-between brews. The tank also comes with its own refill alert, so you can add more water in a timely fashion.

There are 4 main beverage options in this machine’s arsenal: espresso, strong espresso, coffee and long coffee or lungo. That being said, you can always improvise with hot drinks such as cocoa and creamy coffee beverages thanks to the convenient steamer nozzle.

The fact that the main coffee nozzle is located 4.1 inches from the drip tray allows you to brew larger portions of your drinks, and the drip tray itself—together with the cake container—can be removed for fast and effortless maintenance. In addition, the top of the machine provides another cup tray where you can place small coffee cups.

All service options can be programmed with the help of the front-facing control panel that features responsive push-buttons, a clear LCD screen and a selection dial located right underneath the display.

The EA8250 is compatible with other KRUPS accessories designed to make the operation of the unit even more efficient. Among customer favorites are the KRUPS XS6000 frothing system and the F088 water filter, but there are also handy cleaning supplies such as descaling powder, cleaning tablets, and liquid cleaner.


Who makes the best super automatic espresso machine?

There are many brands known for their reliability and high quality of manufactured devices regardless of price category. Some are presented in this review, namely De’Longhi, Jura, Gaggia, Nespresso, Krups, and Saeco.
One of the more popular residential super automatic espresso machine brands is De’Longhi since it offers a wide range of products and is known for its accessibility. Saeco is another quality appliance manufacturer revered for the durability and reliability of its products. 

Despite the fact that all these brands produce excellent equipment, it is manufactured in different places, so you should learn more about the brand and where exactly it centers its production as well as its ethical policy from an environmental point of view. While certain brands are often named the best for one aspect or another, they might not suit your particular needs based on your priorities like part accessibility or environmental outlook.

Are super automatic espresso machines worth it?

If you like well-prepared coffee, you might be keen on the idea of mastering your favorite drinks at home, from latte to ristretto to Americano. This can be quite a feat for novices or those who have no time to spare in the mornings, so dealing with manual espresso machines is definitely out of the question.
Whether you are new to coffee-making or simply busy, it is worth considering the acquisition of a super automatic machine—not only will it take charge of the entire process but also make it much easier for you to clean up any mess.

What is the best automatic espresso machine for home use?

When choosing an automatic espresso machine for the home, you might want to carefully consider the niche a brand occupies on the market. Each brand positions itself as a manufacturer of either home appliances or professional appliances.
This doesn’t mean that home-oriented manufacturers produce worse equipment, only that these machines are designed for less intensive use. They are often smaller and cheaper than professional and semi-professional appliances, making them more fitting for residential settings. After all, it makes no sense to buy an overpriced professional unit that proves to be redundant for casual use.

With that in mind, it’s worth considering one of the residential models from De’Longhi, specifically De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM3300. Another good espresso machine for home use is the professionally-lauded Jura A1 with a slightly smaller water tank but more reliable brew group.

Are automatic coffee machines good?

To answer this question, you need to understand how much control you want to wield over the brewing process. Those who prefer to control every aspect of coffee-making may feel like they have no choice but to buy a manual or semi-auto, but even the most demanding users will be satisfied with modern super automatic machines that allow you to configure the key parameters for preparing drinks to their liking.
As a rule, it is possible to adjust the degree of grinding of coffee beans, the amount of coffee (beans or powder) per serving, the volume of the prepared beverage, the brewing temperature and other parameters. The higher the class of a super automatic coffee machine, the more functions are available to its owner.

Which is better Saeco or Delonghi?

Saeco and De’Longhi fall into approximately the same category, both in terms of the quality of their products as well as the pricing. This is one of the cases in which the final choice is determined solely by your personal preferences.
What you should consider when choosing the brand of your future espresso machine is that De’Longhi coffee machines can make a really great barista-style drink, but they may need more thorough care and maintenance compared to the more long-lasting (but also more expensive) Saeco.

Which is better Jura or Saeco?

Jura and Saeco are the two leading brands adored by coffee lovers and pros alike, but it can’t be denied they both are rather pricey. The purchase of an automatic coffee machine is quite a big expense for many buyers, so everyone wants to be sure that they are making the right decision.
Jura has an impeccable reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality coffee machines that are capable of producing delicious coffee for longer, so they are unlikely to require frequent repairs and maintenance. This level of reliability also makes Jura products pretty expensive but they are more than worth their price.

Saeco is a brand that belongs to a more affordable price bracket for most consumers, but in no way does it reflect negatively on the quality of the machines. Due to the fact that Saeco and Jura belong to different price segments, they are quite difficult to compare.

By and large, everything depends on the price: if you have a bigger budget, then you should give preference to Jura with its impeccable customer service and technical support; if you are looking for a more affordable elite option, then a Saeco machine may be more suitable for you. On top of being more reasonably priced, Saeco machines are also easy to use and upkeep.

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