Our Reviewing Process

The main goal of Coffee-rank.com is providing only useful and reliable information about coffee and coffee equipment. And although, our product review methods are always up-to-date, new, more effective methods are still being sought.

Coffee-rank.com has big plans, and we have all the tools and coffee experts to achieve them. This is the main reason why the reviewing process is so dynamic and constantly improving, as the site and our team of professionals grows.

How does the coffee reviewing process go?

Articles about coffee beans have to look perfect, that’s why the expert team of writers makes sure the reviewing process is always rigorous and thoughtful. After all, coffee is not the most expensive product in the world, so almost every coffee connoisseur can buy and test it. 

How it all goes:

  • Step One: Determining a coffee category, e.g. Coffee Beans for a Chemex or French press;
  • Step Two: Choosing several coffee products;
  • Step Three: Buying the chosen coffee products;
  • Step Four: Coffee preparation (each coffee is prepared in the same way); 
  • Step Five: Tasting the prepared coffee. At this point, the taste, density, aroma, and acidity levels are getting compared.
  • Step Six: Writing down the results, asking other people’s opinions, performing in-depth feedback research.
  • Step Seven: Product features analysis. Writing down final people’s impressions. Determining whether a certain coffee product is worth the money or not and why.
  • Step Eight: Ranking of the winners.

This method is quite time-consuming but gives the most reliable and precise results.

How does the coffee equipment review process work?

Buying coffee machines is more difficult than buying coffee beans. This is why the following review of coffee machines is provided:

  • Product type. The product is chosen based on the subject matter, e.g. “Electric Coffee Grinders,” “Espresso Machines,” or “Coffee Machines Below $100,” etc.
  • Research. At this stage, our expert team of writers visits various reliable coffee-related Internet sources and websites where you can find useful information about the product. Our writers also read tons of customer reviews and watch corresponding videos on YouTube.
  • Experience. We search for professionals who have practical experience with the product or similar equipment and kindly ask them to share the information with us.
  • Top 10. The best 10 products are chosen from all products under review. Sometimes the number of products on the list may be smaller.
  • Content. We use all the data and results obtained to compile a perfect article with detailed product reviews, purchase guidelines, and FAQ sections.

Please be informed that our reviews of coffee equipment will get even better very soon! We are going to purchase coffee equipment for more accurate, high-quality reviews. Therefore, you can send us your ideas and suggestions about which products you would like to see in our reviews. Please feel free to ask any questions that have not yet been answered in the FAQ section. Coffee-rank.com is always looking forward to providing truly useful and up-to-date content for you.

How can you influence the review process?

Coffee-rank.com strives to always be as honest and transparent as possible with its clients. Such a blog policy allows us to build strong relations with our visitors. Coffee-rank.com appreciates customer honesty in all aspects as well. For this reason, please feel free to comment on any post you see on our website or contact us if you have any questions. Your opinions and criticism are essential to us because you let us know if we are on the right track.

You can also share your ideas and experience, which can make its way in our blog reviews. Coffee-rank.com is always ready to listen and reply to every message.

How we collect review information

Accurate information is a priority. All information and data is processed personally by the Coffee-rank.com team. We buy coffee beans, and taste coffee and write down our thoughts and test results.

One of our greatest goals at the moment is to achieve the same level of equipment reviews and coffee bean reviews. By purchasing and testing every product independently, we will not have to rely on the opinions of others. 

Process for Determining Ratings

Only high-quality products are chosen for the reviews. The resulting rating is a personal opinion, based on the following criteria:

  • Quality.
  • Pros and Cons.
  • Demand.
  • Cost.

All features, which, in one way or another, distinguish coffee-related products from each other, are taken into account. One product, which better and more precisely suits your coffee needs, gets the highest ratings.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the box below.

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